Question – If I May?


If l wanted/wished to have a poll in a post – how do l achieve this please?

Is it an addon l need to install?

I ask, because when l went online to research it came back with l needed to upgrade further than l am presently which is premium, and it suggests going into business?

Anyone know any answers here, or perhaps a helpful link?



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  1. No answers here. 😣 And upgrades? Hmmmm… Can u post a question and get answers in comments… but then having a poll appears differently and may garner more information and attention. 🧐 Good luck πŸ‘πŸΌ

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    1. Thank Jeanne, everything l have read so far supports an upgrade to business just to install the addons that may support polls.

      At this present time, l am not willing to upgrade to business plan just to have that feature available to me – unless of course one of the savvy tech head bloggers stops by and suggests an answer.

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  2. I believe there is an “Add Poll” option when you write a post, it is placed between the “Add Media” and “Add Contact Form”, although I’ve not used this option before. Let me know if you want me to send you a screenshot.

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    1. I don’t have that option in truth, l have just looked …

      I have add media, media from Google, Free Photo Library, Contact Form and then just Payment Button.

      Are you on Business plan?


      1. I think I know why… are you using the “improved editor” version? The “Add Poll” option is missing there. I use the wp-admin to write my posts and there is the “Add Poll” option.

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      2. I’ve always used the wp-admin for my posts, for some reasons, I dislike the “improved editor” layout but looking at the responses from your post, I guess people do use the “improved editor”

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