Hands In Others’ Gardens Interview Series – A Guy Called Bloke from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

My genuine thanks to Anthony – aka Grumpy Gorman for awarding me the opportunity to be interviewed in his new and exciting series for fellow bloggers.
“Hand in Others’ Gardens Interview series’
Check out his series.

hands in the garden

Oh Bloke, oh Bloke is wonderful folk.  He’s no stranger to hoisting brows with one of his jokes. A Guy Called Bloke is one of most intriguing and engaging U.K writers on WordPress, today.  This author of  poetry gushes with truth, questioning, complexity of mind,  heart, vulnerability and hurt.  Bloke plows his self-professed flaws, failings with humility, wisdom and charm. He pushes taboos to explore and entertain, not to harm.  Much of his writing clever, intelligent and can bleed occasionally into the uncomfortable and absurd, which writing needs to.  The humour and playfulness of his writing often create an addictive friction with the dark nature of his subject matter.  I’ve found myself laughing at things I wouldn’t normally find funny.

This is the writing sample he chose to share:

Tomorrow is another day….

man on cliffLast night l watched, yet another beautiful sunset,
Slowly idle into the evenings’ twilight skyline,
And thought…

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