When l was younger …

l recall seeing moments caught in time,
That friends had bought or taken,
Of fascinations that had captured their minds,
Rocked their world and left them shaken,
With raw excitement and genuine passions,
That they had felt they should share with me,
Hoping their spirited offerings would gladden,
And that l too would be inspired truly,

Back then, it was the visions of snows white,
That captured my imagination the most,
Simply taken was l at her bold yet virginal invite,
Allured into that calming sensual host,
Capped mountain tops and an endless sea,
Of untouched moments of tranquillity,
Shimmering silken memories,
Back then l remember the serenity,


Now …

I am older and used to seeing snows white,
Working within her deep breath,
Feeling the freshness of her gift bite,
Into me, and feel the kiss of death,
Upon my chest when the cold cuts my flesh,
Her sexuality raw upon my frozen mind,
Weary limbs, aching body enmeshed,
Glazed eyes set in stone recalling time,

Irrelevant to how cynical l may now be,
To the presence beneath my feet,
Or the freezing cold and accompanying misery,
Seeing her beauty yearly is still a treat,
Looking out upon a vast white ocean,
Silvered sands covering nature,
Untouched and not yet broken,
Trees like angels solemnly within prayer,


Never fails to impress me does she,
In all that is cast upon our darkened lands,
By this mistress of such natural artistry,
Painting a masterpiece with invisible hands,
Sunrises and their sets are also taken into her wintry craft,
And such gloriousness and beauty,
Does she conjure up for us from her hard graft,
Managing always to leave the day with tranquillity,
From strawberry whispers to crimson blushes,
Or blood red traces like drawing blades,
Across the skies, golden seas or apricot crushes,
Never fail to impress us with her nightly brocade,

Captured moments in time from my past,
Within card were seen as an inspiration,
My memories now cannot be unsurpassed,
Postcards are nice, but the reality fills me with constant elation.







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