Q.F.T.D 44


Good Morning Bloggers!

Of course we all need an income and finances to make the world go around and spin on its axis, but trust me when l say that when we chase the passion, the money making seems effortless!

Here’s a special call out to anyone who has a birthday today and more so if they have hit the magical age of 55 like me!!


Have a great day everyone!

16 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 44

      1. The message was buried but not too deep! 🕊enjoy your day and blessings abundant the year through.

  1. Happy Birthday!! Every age is magical it is all in how you feel. I hope that you have a totally amazing day and do all the things that you would like to do. Oh and eat a ton of cake if that is your thing, or ice cream, or brownies. I think you catch the theme I am going for. Happy Happy Birthday.

    1. Thanks Jay-lyn for the birthday greetings.

      In truth, l see it as just another day. However Suze and l have a meal booked later on to celebrate 🙂

      1. LMAO I use to just take my birthday off. Than I made it into a one week holiday. Now I do two weeks. During that time I am also getting T ready for school and doing all those other things I fill my two weeks off with (this year will be the deep cleaning of the carpets oh boy how much fun is that going to be?!?)

  2. Happy Birthday! No wonder I love you and we have so much in common, you are a birthday present, just like my brothers! 😉 (I have two brothers, one born three days before my fifth birthday and the second one born on my 14th birthday – he says we’re twins. 😄 We get together to celebrate our birthdays and Mother’s Day with our Mother every year.) Hope this is an exceptionally wonderful day for you, Dear! 💞

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