Q.F.T.D 43


Good Morning Campers!

It’s the start to a new week! Unless of course, you see your week starting on Sunday which was yesterday, unless it is still your Sunday today, but not for much longer! So let’s work on the premise that it’s Monday!

Yay it’s Monday!!

I find the above quote quite appropriate, l have met people all through my life, who are full of excuses – and let’s be honest, all of us can procrastinate at one point or another. We can convince ourselves, that we are not good enough, that we don’t have the skill set to start something new, that our self worth isn’t good enough – OR, we can think, to hell with it – if we don’t try, how do we and will we know whether we can?

If we want something enough, we will always find the way to achieve it. It reminds me of the film, Flight of the Phoenix – the remake 2004.




Have a totally awesome day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 43

  1. Good morning to you, goodnight to me😴

    Speaking of procrastinating… I joined the Procrastinators Club. We keep meaning to have our first meeting, but… 😂

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