4 Paws Diary – Ep 10


A Glamour clickitty posed for Dad!

Episode 10

4 Paws Diary

29th April – 9th May

Hey Gang,

No Pawparazzi – Speak to the Paw!

Well Howdy Doody everyone, l hope and trust this finds you all well and as my Dad would say in fine fettle!

Again l am afraid this is just a short heads up episode, as Dad is constantly using the Kompootah at present with writing and work, that lil ol’ me doesn’t have much time to paw a longer post for my own readership. Having said that the competition between Dad and me with our two interview series is very, very closely tied!

Dad’s Truly Inspired is at 30, buuuuuuuuut, whilst l am at 29, l have been really busy with my Twitter account and have been privately messaging lots of K9’s and l have around 7 lined up for the next few days, so whether Dad likes it or not, that grants me valuable Kompootah time! It also marks me as a clear leader in the interview arena.

Been busy these last few days designing the Feline Kat interview [which will really and truly put me in the lead showing quite clearly that Power of the Bark and the Meow is greater than the mere human voice!] form and, and, and, Dad and l have been working on some new K9 Adventure stories! So watch out for those in the next month or so. But also, Chapter 2 of The Last Pack Member is out soon as that is overdue. Dad will probably make a repost of the first chapter to rekindle the thoughts to the book, so we shall see.

Hasn’t the weather been truly beautiful?


“This is my ‘for you Dad’ canned K9 expression!”

Sadly, as l have got older, l am not able to lounge around outside for too long in this heat, but l have taken to catching the odd few rays here and there. Also, in this heat l cannot walk as far as l might like to, so now Mummy and Dad take me out either much earlier or much later than my normal routine!


“A supervised and allowed ‘action shot!”

Dad l know is constantly writing and l am pawing my notes up for the times that l can snatch time from him, but he recently started a new series called Doin’ The Dirt Eh? Which in truth sounds a bit naughty to me even by K9 standards? It sounds very similar to one of Dad’s favourite sayings ‘doing the dirty!’ but appawrently it’s about gardening!


“Learning to turn your head at the right time during the click is a mastered skill – learn to move faster Dad!!”

I had to quote my rights yet again to Dad this last weekend, and say ‘Talk to the Paw – No Pawparazzi!!’ as he was just continually trying to take click after click of me on his box! He really at times over stays his welcome as far as ‘glamour shots’ are concerned. If l wish to be clicked l will tell him, otherwise he simply must learn to move faster!!


No Pawparazzi shot 1 – move faster Dad!!


No Pawparazzi shot 2 – using foliage as a cover!


No Pawparazzi shot 3 – the classic turn your body away from click posture, no snouts shots thank you!

But l have given him the occasional oppawtunity so as to ensure that my own followers can see that l am a real dawg and not some kind of made up one!

So, how is everyone enjoying this beautiful weather we have been enjoying in the UK, but also to my International K9’s, how have your own days been?

More next time pawromise!




5 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 10

  1. Zeus has asked me to let you know that you will have his interview answers soon. I’ve been reduced to doing everything from my phone for the time being and even copy/paste is evading me.
    Zeus says I shouldn’t use so many bad words and also to tell you that you look lovely in your pictures.

    1. Morning Grandma,

      Scrappy says thank you for Zeus’s compliments, and there is no rush, when all is convenient. Also don’t worry about the cuss words, Scrappy has to get used to mine all the time 🙂

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