The Mysterious Mysterious Mystery Tag!


For my sins of nominating Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen for the Mystery Blogger Award l have been, no not counter nominated, but counter tagged to answer her questions.

Admittedly reading her rapturous response to my nomination, l was very pleased initially as l read through her questions, thanking my lucky stars that l didn’t have to answer them until l spotted this at the bottom … “Oh and just for a twist, you have to answer them too Sir ScrappysDad!!


Oh No!!!!

But admittedly l do so like the idea of the ‘Twist!’

Britchy’s 5 Questions!

You’re on an airplane. There’s an empty seat next to you and just as they’re about to close the doors a last minute passenger scampers in. He makes his way down the aisle to the only vacant seat, the aisle seat next to you. You look up and realise with horror that it’s…… who is it and why is it so dreadful?

There is only one person l would shudder at sitting next to on a flight and that would be me!! Do l really need to explain how utterly painful this could be?


If you could choose between changing the clocks forward and backward twice a year or having sequenced traffic lights that actually worked – which would you change?

Interesting question admittedly, l think l might opt for changing the clocks backward twice a year until l find myself going forward again!

What three subjects do you think should be taught in school?

I could be silly here, but l think this is really important – so Art, Crafts and Creativity, Realistic Financial Understanding and Accumen and How To Score Big with Topics of Your Choice [Personal interpretations advised here.]

Which would you prefer to have in your car, heated seats or parking sensors if you could only have one?

Is that one car, or one option?  Not being a driver, it is a tad difficult – but if it was a cold country then heated seats is advantageous, but if it was not then a convertible would an existing option. But if it was a convertible and it was already hot, would l need the sensors? Can l pick the third option please and have the money to buy something else?

If you could change the law would you have the death sentence or not and if yes, for what crimes?

This is such a political question and l did vow to not discuss human politics in and with this blog. We live in troubled times, our crime rates are rising constantly and continuously, however l am answering from the United Kingdom where the death penalty was first suspended in 1965 and then abolished in 1969 in Great Britain and in Northern Ireland in 1973.

The last hangings in England were on 13th August 1964 when Peter Anthony Allen 21 and Gwynne Owen Evans 24 were executed for the murder of 53 year old John Alan West. The last person to be executed in the Tower of London was a German spy by the name of Josef Jakobs under the charge of espionage on the 15th August 1941, where upon he was shot to death by a military firing squad.

Recently l recall reading an article where upon a hefty % of the Britsih public voted against bringing back the death penalty, considering it barbaric.

In truth, l don’t think it matters what l personally believe, because l am not involved with the legal system in this country. This is a very deep question that is open to hostility, debate and controversy and is continually discussed by many theatres of people, humanitarian groups and of course the legal systems in many countries not just the UK.

Sadly, there is no true deterrant in effect to prevent crime even the most violent, terroristic and heinous currently in active practice. Would the return of Capital Punnishment act sufficiently as a no go area to those hell bent on causing these events to happen?

I don’t know, and whilst l openly concede and agree that something needs to be done to tackle the soaring problems we have in our world today, l honestly don’t know the answer to this question and if anything, would prefer to take the fifth, or if that is too American for an English answer, then l respectfully decline to answer the question.

Excellent questions indeed Britchy, truly thought provoking. But now for my Twist – to those who are reading this post and liking it … here’s is My Tag question for you …….. which you must answer in the comments section below please.


If you could have personally witnessed anything throughout the times of our world, what would you have wanted to have seen?


Images courtesy of Pixabay

28 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mysterious Mystery Tag!

    1. Absolutely – dinosaurs in the real time flesh and blood just as they are about to eat me – yep, can really see the bite in that thought 🙂

          1. LOL. I have a ferocious angry face, but I think my saving grace would be that I really don’t offer much meat and would only get stuck in their teeth – not worth their time or discomfort lol.

  1. Interesting question. The first thing that came to mind was to be present for Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.

  2. That’s a difficult one… I’d love to walk the streets of ancient Athens or Rome or Babylon at their epoph. Or visit the library in Alexandria. Jerusalem at any time up through the crusades… I can’t pick one.

    1. Yes it is a difficult question, ancient history is a real passion of mine – was there a true Atlantis really? Was it just a mythical philosophical creation invented by Plato?

      What did Pompeii look like before Vesuvius buried it? Where was the true foundation stone of Rome laid? was it the ruinous structures we see today or indeed way down in the sewers?

      Like you, l too would love to walk those times 🙂

  3. I’d like to go back to Stonehenge in its heyday and see what it was like. I’d love to see. Shakespeare play at the Elizabethan Globe, Od like to see a dodo. I would like to have seen Sir Francis Drake et al repelling the Spanish Armada, I’d love to know what happened to the lost colony at Roanoke. Most of all though, I’d like to be at the signing of the treaty of Versailles so I could make them change it and stop WW2 from being possible.

    1. These are all good things to want to see. Are you familiar with The Butterfly Effect theory? I always wonder, what would happen if we went back in time and altered just the smallest of things how our lives would play out today?

      1. I have often wondered about that. I saw a Tales of the Unexpected many years ago about a midwife/doctor fighting to save a baby that turned out to be Adolf Hitler. It’s made me think ever since. There was a film called the Butterfly Effect and I both loved that film and found it very disturbing.

  4. I would have liked to have seen a Dodo in the wild. I always imagine them to be very friendly, I think that was why they were wiped out so easily. I would also like to have been around to have met Queen Elizabeth the First.

    1. Hey Kristian, hope you are keeping well …. oh yes the dodo, ever since seeing Sid and the Dodo’s 2002 – l sometimes wonder if the Lemming effect is how they went lol!

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