Q.F.T.D 31


Good Morning Folks – l hope this finds you all well and in good spirits and fine fettle 🙂

It’s Wednesday or as a friend of mine says constantly “Humpday” .

……….. So Happy Humpday to you all!


Totally random questions of the day …

………………. Who wears socks?

What type? Patterned or plain?

10 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 31

Add yours

    1. Yes, l know – socks and sandals a big no no. Although l have seen it done. I tend to wear crocs more, and no socks either.

      Have a great day Kristian and thanks for stopping by and ‘socking’ it to me 🙂

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    1. Hey Jay-lyn – l also have to concede to a penchant for fluffy socks, well not specifically fluffy, but definitely fluffier.

      I love wearing odd socks, it however drives my partner nuts – she insists that l wear evens, personally l don’t see the whole hoo hah about it, a sock is a sock is a sock 🙂


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