Q.F.T.D 30


Good Morning Folks!

Are we all set for another day?

It’s Tuesday and here is the thought for today!


Have you noticed how remarkably true this is?

It usually is the simplist things in life that can make for the biggest wonders!

Have a great day all!

Ps: If you read this, tell me where you are in the world, what time it is for you and what your thoughts are for this Tuesday.

20 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 30

Add yours

  1. 4.25pm in Sydney, Australia. My thoughts this afternoon – “bugger, I haven’t put anything out for dinner. What are we going to eat? I don’t know? Takeaway?? Stop wasting money and cook!! Yeah but what?? I don’t know!! Shutup!! No, you shutup!!”

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    1. No, you shutup!! Oh yes Kat, l constantly have many a conversation like that, in fact l talk to myself so often, l have custom made it now to have a three way conversation, sometimes Sue comes in and says “Who are you talking to???

      Well duh dummy me, and me and me of course!!

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