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Currently it’s absolutely hammering it down outside, it’s wet and cold and miserable, the winds are howling, the driving rains are not just coursing their way across the skies but ripping through it like there is some kind of race on!

Hey Folks,

I hope this post finds you all well and in good spirits?

Have you seen the Truly Inspired series l run here? A form of interview of sorts with my fellow bloggers on ‘What inspires them to create, to put pen to paper or finger to keypad, to write daily in their blog? What process they undertake to craft their skill? The inspiration that allows them to get up, put on their thinking caps and with heads down start the journey forward on digital enlightenment to their audiences?

Have you seen that yet?

Currently we number 29, with Karen from Blue Sky Days 365 being our last, you can see her words by pressing the link.

So far everyone has said they have enjoyed the experience, so l am guessing that’s a good thing.If that’s the case, l ask my readership, if you haven’t yet participated, would you like to?


Have you seen the Truly Inspired series questionnaire?


Here is the Truly Inspired Directory of all participants to date.

If this appeals, drop me a line and l will send out this small questionnaire for you to complete and l will write up your answers and create your post.

Looking forwards to hearing from you soon

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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