4 Paws Diary – Ep 9


Episode 9

4 Paws diary

19th April – 28th April

Hey Gang,

Thank You All

I hope this post finds you all well and in good spirits? This is just a small touch base with the readership.

Well, at my own concession it’s been a tough and long week; the in-house fighting over Kompootah rights has been fierce! Dad was busy trying to get all of the Tee Shirt Blogger posts across which he did achieve yesterday and l have been trying to get all my K9 Interviews across which l achieved literally this afternoon, with Coco Baby and Micah and Marley coming out later on today, so l am very pleased with that.

However, this now means that my old blog “Doodlepip’s Adventures” will be shutting down for good come May 1st as l take up full residency here.

My first new K9 Interview is out tomorrow concerning Tweak, but l am looking for more to interview. As some of you may recall, l am in competition with Dad’s Truly Inspired series and currently his is on number 29 with Blue Sky Days 365, whilst l am currently on 27 with the soon to be seen Micah and Marley, although Tweak tomorrow will make it 28!

So quite the challenge l can tell you!

I would like to say thank you to my readers for all your likes and comments to the interviews so far, however l feel it in my very paws that many of you also have K9’s and it would be reeeeally good to see some requests for the K9 Interview series

Additionally, a new feature to the K9 interview will soon be released and this this will be so named The Feline Interviews which was suggested by Frazier’s Racket and so this will be aimed at the Kat side of life. More of that in my next diary entry.

I learned of very sad news this week, one of my friends Buddy is no longer with us, and has now joined the biggest dog pack of all, in the Great Dog Park. He will be sorely and sadly missed, and was greatly loved and admired. I ask all my K9 friends to bow your heads and remember him fondly and send waggles, hi paws and hugs to his Mommy Melissa during her hardest of times. Buddy Bug as l loved to call him was my 6th interview and l will personally miss his presence very much as l know many of you will also.

Your Canine Guardian Angel

I know that you must miss me,
By the tears rolling down your face.
But believe me when I tell you that,
I’m in a very good place.

There are meadows here to run in,
And plenty of rabbits to chase.
There are other dogs to play with,
To frolic with and race.

So please don’t worry about me,
My spirit feels light as can be.
There’s no more pain to plague me,
I’m young again and free.

And I’ll be watching over you still,
of that, you can be sure.
I’m your canine guardian angel,
And my love for you remains pure.

Db16WSYWsAEApIl.jpg large

Rest In Peace Buddy Bug.


Anyway, more next week folks, just as soon as l settle in properly.

Until next time, have a great week.

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  1. Wow! Lots of changes—Feline Interviews? I may know a couple! I’m so sorry for your loss 🌻❤️❤️

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