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I need help from all of you. Not for me only but for everyone who is dealing with a mental health problem. Friends, in our part of world mental health problems are still something we feel too ashamed to talk about. Either they are misunderstood as some sort of witchcraft or the person is conviniently […]

via Mental Health Awareness —

An excellent ‘awareness’ post by Stoner on a Rollercoaster

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  1. Great share, it’s nuts mental health is still ‘taboo’ in fact it’s just bloody sad tbh. I hate that people with issues are seen as ‘crazy’ or ‘self pitying’. Yes Susan I’m crying under the stairs alone on a Friday night because I wish to be pitied. Give me strength.

    1. I know, Mental Health is still one of the biggest bloody taboos going. We live in a world that is ‘supposedly’ uber aware of things and yet they still insist on brushing things under the carpet like they don’t exist.

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