Well That’s Just Typical!


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Well That’s Just Typical!

Why oh why do we still read of the ignorance concerning Autism?

It would be easy to simply say that it is just non autistic people, that slam dunk autism, but sadly that’s not entirely true – for in my travels l have seen equally as many autists ridicule and criticise the spectrum, which confuses me somewhat. Their argument is that autism as a spectrum of disorders has ruined their lives, that it makes their lives difficult! Whilst l can understand the aspect of life being difficult, this is not the fault of autism per say, no, this is actually the fault of an ignorant society.

Equally as guilty are those on the spectrum, who wittingly and knowingly deny that they are – in their bid to be seen, heard and interpreted as ‘normal’, they belittle the spectrum and those on it. Then there are those who may only suspect that they might be ‘somewhere’ on the spectrum, my own Father is one of those – he categorically denies any involvement with any part of it! It is NOT he that l inherited my traits from, but my Mother – who is in comparison to both he and l unbelievably Neuro!

In his eyes, those of us on the spectrum are not right, we have problems, we are ill; we are not perhaps disabled as some refer to themselves as, but severely and seriously handicapped by the presence of autism in our lives. And yet as shockingly old fashioned as that is, still l at times hear of fellow autists repeating the same beliefs. He regards autism as an excuse, and not for what it is ‘a way of life’


Some of the biggest shocks l get almost on a daily basis is from the younger generation of autist. They are staunchly autistic, and do not misinterpret that, l am all for a strength being clearly displayed for any minority group who is being berated by an ignorance which sadly is what a good portion of society is, despite increased awareness.

But l even find some of their anti-neuro beliefs quite alarming! You see my belief or ideology if you wish and one that is fast becoming widely accepted is that we are all Neuros and we are all on the spectrum. The difference being that the spectrum is differently portioned within each individual. Even Stephen Shore said that in a way with his quote …“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism” Which clearly means everyone is different, the same indeed can be said for non autists. The real ignorance comes from society as a mass, long held myths that need busting. This is NOT saying that individuals are not guilty of being a critic, they are.

I was a Neuro long before l was an Aspergian with autism, or actually autistic, and there are still parts of my personality which are STILL Neuro. My partner is NOT on the spectrum directly with a diagnosis from either the medical profession or even self-diagnosed. But l think she has some very clear signs of autism spectrum disorders, and also, she is a Grandmother and has two children who now have children of their own, and each of the two families both in her Sons’ family equally as much as her Daughters and their children respectively are now clearly showing signs of being on the spectrum.

My Mother whilst not directly diagnosed as being autistic when at home with us all as a family when we all lived at home growing up, showed at times signs of what l now know through my own experiences of being on the spectrum of Aspergers. So, clearly neuro and yet displaying signs of autism – how can this be, other than the autism/Aspergers was present already just not as strong, meaning that she had traits within her own identity, and these clearly became visibly apparent whilst she lived with my Father and her own Son was growing up.

It is atypically typical to people still being neuro despite being on the spectrum and equally as much in the same breath, those on the spectrum showing albeit weaker signs of being neuro. Which leads me back to those who are openly hostile to those supposedly not on the spectrum?

I would say as l both do and will continue to do so, that everyone is already on the spectrum, it is reflective purely on their actually autistic % in the first place. I have seen actually autistic Aspergians and autists alike hiding their spectrum away from so called normal eyes, because they fear of being bullied, ostracised or simply being treated differently, and they pass many a time as neuro with a twist! I already know many Neuro’s with a twist anyway, so where is the difference?

There is already way too much hatred in this world, minority bashing, majority bashing, parties being ostracised for their beliefs because they are different to the next group who believe something different or just the opposite. What does stand out as a continuing continuum is this …

… it doesn’t matter in truth because everyone is ‘atypically typical’ in how they view everyone else, what needs to be done is not to celebrate the differences per se, but to celebrate the acceptance of those differences!

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