Q.F.T.D 22

What you see


Good Morning everyone it’s Monday – the start to a brand new week and l am wishing you all a truly beautiful day in all that you so wherever you all are, whatever you are doing and however you are doing it … 🙂

This is such a truism as a quote, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Q.F.T.D 22

          1. I told Piglet she might have a chance at internet fame. She won’t quit bugging me about it now, or maybe she just wants pets… she can be confusing at times. 😄

          2. Good to know 🙂 I start migrating that series across today, so by the end of the week Piglet can tell the world all about herself 🙂

            I know what you mean about the pestering – Scrappy has been bugging me non-stop about moving her series across – no patience at all!

          3. LOL!!! 🙂

            Let’s just keep that between us or … we will have that rubbed into our faces all the time. I could just see Scrappy with a mask, a cape and barking “Carpe Diem!” every morning before the walk!!

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