In The Listings …

In The Listings!

You know as you do, or as one does whichever rocks your boat or flies your feather as a saying – however – l was listening to ‘Kicks Like A Mule’ – The Bouncer – a really solid piece of music for the avid fans of the time, and it was whilst this was happening that this post idea came to life.

For those not in the know, this piece is rave to me, others might know it more as hard-core beat and in a nutshell it’s awesome! But NOT if you don’t like that style, but hey each to their own! The Bouncer has certain lyrics to it which made me think of the content l wanted to write about here, these being: “Listen mate, I told you once, I told you twice, you’re not on the list, alright?”.

Lists – you either love them or hate them, it has the same appeal to it as does Marmite vs. Vegemite – you are either for or against, and l profoundly am a solid ‘List Maker’ although I am Not a List Maker’s son. My Father was not one, he was more of a scribbler or commonly known as a Scribble It!


The problem to scribbles is that they are easily lost, whilst a good solid List is not due to its concrete stability! Of course not everyone thinks that way especially not Scribblers! But we Listers tend to staunchly protect and project our beliefs to all who will listen! [Strange almost ironic that there is a List in listen – not like there is a Scribble in there, eh, just saying!]

As a nation it appears that we are in fact equally addicted to Listings as much as Scribbling’s as both award us with a gratifying sensation of achievement! Furthermore scientific studies states that it is rumoured that specifically Lists are attributed to be somewhat charismatic to the creator.

Our brains crave the acquisition of data more so than the randomness of scribbling. The logistics side to our brain demands that we feed it sensible content so that it can deliberately straighten it out! Scribbling on the other hand is completely and utterly abstract and has no firmness to it – after all it’s a scribble, a musing almost, not amusing as that is different and not even funny, although each to their own interpretation!

But humour aside there is actually some real genuine benefit to be had from List making and believe it or not some exceptional therapeutic remedy! You see, with a list rather than some haphazard hit and miss slapdash scrawl otherwise known as the scribble – the user has structure in their lives and we each need some organization even the wackiest amongst us need a framework to build up from!


With Listings and the art of Listing our minds are able to scan for information and achieve results quickly and efficiently. We are able to check off items and know that we are progressing and that we are moving forwards perhaps albeit slowly but that is way better than slipping constantly backwards!

When l was experiencing my breakdown, lists came into their own with me – for they allowed me to concentrate upon ‘baby steps’, whereas l noticed that my scribbles made me feel worse!

But my lists were orderly, whilst they may not have been fantastic works of art, they got me through the day, each day, every day, one day at a time which then became a week.

With a scribble on a crumpled piece of paper, it has no definition – nowhere really to go except maybe just to look at! BUT with a list of things or jobs, you suddenly had an ‘itemised list’, which awarded you a schedule of events even if you didn’t follow it religiously; it gave you a sense of purpose through a direction.

1] Get Up
2] Shower/Shave
3] Toilet
4] Dress
5] Breakfast
6] Walk dog
7] Do something else before walking dog again!

The list above is not the actual list l had, but it’s not far off, l made the list the previous night and built up from it and over the period of depression l was able to gratify my existence on this planet, prove to myself that l WAS valuable and awarded self worth.


Lists are remarkable resources for both Wellness and Mindfulness, they don’t have to be overly long, or incredibly short, they don’t always have to be logical, they don’t have to have an ending for they can be infinite – well at least as long as your paper – they can be one sided or twin sided – it’s up to you. They don’t even have to be flowing beautifully from word to word – but what is important is that your LIST means something to you, you control it, it’s your responsibility, and it’s your life.

But you see – also with List Making you can make it into a worthy art, by writing your words on coloured paper, or maybe in a journal, using a lovely pen, you can pen to paper as often as you want to work on your writing style. You can colour code your lists if you split the content into sections – in fact truth be known the world is your oyster – it’s your list – do as you want, and more importantly if someone says anything about it – well you know the answer already yes?

“Listen mate, I told you once, I told you twice, you’re not on the list, alright?”.

So, more importantly – are you a Lister or a Scribbler?

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12 thoughts on “In The Listings …

  1. I don’t think I’d be able to function in life without lists. Recently I’ve switched over from paper lists to digital lists, mostly using the Google Keep app so I can colour code and have tick boxes and shuffle things around… it gets me excited just thinking about it.

  2. I absolutely love you for sharing this with me. It is so gratifying to mark things off my list as I accomplish each thing I do. I use to write a list for myself when I was working, but never at home. Then again, I wasn’t too far gone back then. Now that depression has taken over, I have to make sure of doing this for myself in order to make myself feel good about myself. Thank you, again Rory for sharing this with me. 🙂

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