Q.F.T.D 18


Gooooooooooooood Morning Folks!

It’s a truly beautiful morning here in Kent! The sun is shining, been a long time coming l can assure you .. and more importantly … it’s warm!

The above is true isn’t it, have you noticed? No, no not that we have sun in Kent – look higher to Deborah Day’s quote 🙂

Once we understand that we are not happy with where we are and recognise that we are not where we want to be, it is then, that we start to change our pathway. It doesn’t come down to others’ pointing their way to you, it is you who must see your way forward to a brighter future, a better you and a more enriching life!

Where ever you are – have a beautiful day in all that you do 🙂

Rory & Scrappy!

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