4 Paws Diary – Ep 8


Episode 8

4 Paws diary

6th April – 18th April

Hey Gang,

Do you Wanna Be in My Gang?


Well first and pawmost l hope this finds everyone both 4 leggeds and 2 leggeds alike in good spirits – which is a funny turn of phrase isn’t it? Am l saying that you are all ghost like or drifting wisp like after the effects of that funny drink Mummy and Dad occasionally have? It matters not, what l am saying is l hope you are all well.

I am in a good mood today, the sun is shining, it’s warm, l have had my morning walk, my morning treats and l am just pawing this up before l take my mid-morning nap. Mummy is in fine fettle [another funny phrase] and Dad is itching to get to the Kompootah to start more of what he calls manual migration!

My sky high friend Mrs Swift said that she uses the word migration very differently to my Dad, but he must know what he is talking about as equally as Mrs Swift must, so l guess there must be two variations of the term.

It’s been a struggle to actually get onto the Kompootah of late, because Dad is always on it with this ‘migration’ thing, but this time l am not going to criticise him, because it is for my benefit as well. He says that it will be better in the long run [Boy to have a long run in this heat would be bad for me, an old lady now].  He is muttering all the time now on the Kompootah and off it, in fact he is just constantly talking to himself, “This post has to go there, and this post there, and no, no wait maybe that should be visible, and maybe that should be invisible!”

It’s hard to keep track of everything that is going on!

So l guess, this is my first official posting in Dad’s blog, or rather my blog, or maybe it is our blog. Reminds me of that song by  the Spice Girls “Leader of the Gang” a case of who wants to be in my gang, your gang or our gang?

So come on, come on, come on blah, blah, come on … doya wanna be in my gang?”

But Dad says you are all our gang, so l am cool with that!

The more l pawse for thought and the more l think on it, Dad l think might be going slowly potty! He is starting to look all square eyed and talking to himself, and then when he is asleep in bed, still he talks and mutters and chunts [Silly! That’s muttering and chanting at once]

He keeps falling asleep everywhere, on the couch and more funnily in his Kompootah chair!! He then wakes up at silly o’clock looking goggle and goofy eyed, muttering and chunting that he should have gone to bed earlier! That he needs to get all of this done before May! He best hurry up then is all l can say.

But in addition to my own blog ‘merging’ into his, he also is merging his other blog into it as well!!  Oh yes, l am hearing all sorts of tecknological terms now and no wonder he is muttering and chunting all the time!

But what happens in May l hear you ask?

Well  many reasons, looking at a new business concept, more writing and the dreaded gardening season for Dad, who says he should have started already and there, is ‘Just   so   much work   to   do!! Weeding, weeds and more sodding weeds!”  Oh yes, he is a real joy to be around at present! Don’t even start me on his compost heap awaiting to be dug up and turned over!


Which leads me to another little episode of funny ….

It’s All Squeal, Oops I Mean Go aka I Saw Me a Purdy Kat!”

If chunting, goofy eyed and muttering is not enough to contend with, then there is his occasional ‘Squealing!” Yes folks you heard me right, Dad can be a squealer at times, well admittedly not often, but when he does squeal – he reeeeally squeals!

It all happened about a week ago, when Dad was outside in the garden trying to sort things out … there is just too much to paw about right now, but l feel sure you may read about it if he restarts his gardening series, which can be very clumsy antics at best! He went to the shed at the back of the garden to fetch out the spades for some digging.

Mummy and l were in the garden waiting for him to return when suddenly, there was the strangest high pitched noise coming from the back of the garden where the sheds are! We exchanged looks and ran to him to see if he was in pain! To find him laughing nervously asking if anyone heard his cry out? Cry out l thought? “Dad you squealed!!”

Turns out that there was a Purdy Kat hiding in the shed, and he opened up the door it jumped out at him from the dark! Honestly, what is he like? Squealing over such a trivial thing as a Kat jumping out!

That’s nearly as bad as his story about swans flying!! You will have to talk to him about that l feel. Mummy hasn’t let the squealing go and neither have l, any time we can we remind him of the day that big brave Daddy squealed over a Purdy Kat!

It’s been a slow time since l last wrote, not an awful lot has been happening for me to paw about. I keep noting ideas down, but the battle for the Kompootah is as always a hard one. So this was a small touch base with you to keep you updated on things.


My K9 Interviews are soon to move across into the blog which is good because it then means l can restart the series again, but also sometime later this month, the next chapter of my pawbiography will be pawed up.

But also, Dad is talking of running a couple of competitions, so l feel that might be fun as well.

You may recall from my last Episode [7], l talked briefly about the famous Gucci Poochie Iraida? Well another article l read recently was about the deluxe pooches of the catwalk! If you get the time, have a sneaksy peek! Me, l am happy as just being me, the K9 loved by Mummy and Dad, no artsy fartsy antsy fancies for me thank you!Some of the top models are paid quite high sums of money, mm mebbee this might be a a way of finally getting my own pawpad!  

But maybe you are an aspiring doggy model? Let me know, and watch out for the Dogwalk Competition coming soon next month!

Anyway, it was just to say HI! I will catch up with you all later, best let Dad the chuntering muttering squealer back onto the Kompootah! Until next time, have fun in all that you do!

Ps: If you have Twitter – come join me on mine Dad lets me have mine for my socialness, but he deactivated his, saying he was tiring of all the drama llama ding dongs on there and l was like wow, l don’t even have 500 followers, but he had 6000 and just walked away from it all.


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    1. Scrappy has said that she is also willing to let Kats in – so yes! I have told her about diversity 🙂

      She apparently wants to borrow the kompootah this week to ‘redesign’ the K9/Feline’ Interview form.

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