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Hey all,

Despite the current process of manually merging my other sites to this blog, l would still love to hear from other bloggers on what ‘inspires’ them to write and create their blogs.

Have you seen the Truly Inspired series questionnaire?

Currently we number 27 – the last blogger interviewed was none other than:

“The Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator”

So the question begging to be asked and answered is “What inspires – you?”

Would you like to be No; 28 in the series?


If this appeals, drop me a line and l will send out this small questionnaire for you to complete and l will write up your answers and create your post.

Looking forwards to hearing from you soon

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

One thought on “How Inspiring!

  1. Anything and everything can be inspire me into added posts on my blog. My current post is slightly different as it’s a post about a charity book to raise funds for 3 mental health charities. It’s inspirational for its contributors a range a work poems and stories mainly written by people also suffering or been sufferers of mental health or supports like myself. Blogging for me is being inspired by others by reading their blogs. Inspiration in every blog, magical. Keep writing guys.

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