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“Our foibles are really what make us lovable”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Twas once remarked upon my character that l was a man with foibles and that because of those ‘weaknesses’ it clearly designated who l was and what role l would play on this earth!

I would be jesting with you if l was to say that it didn’t bother me, because it did. Truth be known, the hinting was aimed at my Aspergers – furthermore suggesting that because of it l was a not a ‘complete model’ of human?

To some they would say it was insultive and they of course could be right. Utilising the term foibles was just a fancy way of saying l was with imperfections and that leads us back into the whole ‘Define Normal’ debacle!

How anyone feels that they are so righteous that they can deliver a spiteful chastising and judgemental attack on another has always baffled me – and yet so many people do it.

So often we hear the chants of society bleating about how they wish to be seen as unique, soulfully defined, distinctively extraordinary and otherwise irreplaceably exceptional! But they are terribly fearful in the same breath that they will then NOT fit into the conformity of that so called society that they love … and hate and ever forgetful that in truth they are SO society orientated, and pressured by their peers to belong to the ‘normalcy confines of living’ that they then feel worthy to be judgemental of those who act independently and away from conventionality!

Foibles as weaknesses? No!
Foibles as proud eccentricities? Yes!

I will where l can, always seek out the positive to the negative but who are YOU to suggest to me that your weaknesses are mine? So l will always answer back ‘If Your Foibles don’t describe your whole existence, why should mine?!”


These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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