To My Followers


Just a small note to you all ….

First a huge thank you to everyone who follows my blog here l am always grateful, but also to those of you who follow my other two Blogs  ….

Over the course of this month of April 2018, l am going to be merging the other two into this blog. You will have already have seen the arrival of Doodlepip, and to a smaller degree some of the reposts of the Tee Shirt Blogger content.

I am performing this action for convenience to me. My workload at home has increased, and l find or rather am finding that the running and maintaining of three blogs is quite a handful, so it is easier for me to maintain one.

Not everything is going to be automatically merged [a choice of mine] and once the main bulk of ‘manual data transfer labour’ has been carried out, l will then utilise the automatic export/import procedure.

However it was just to award a ‘heads up’ and thank you to those who follow and read and as such will notice significant changes to the other blogs themselves over the course of this month.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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