The Last Pack Member – Introduction


The Last Pack Member


My Dad and l are the last remaining members to a once much larger pack of K9’s. Of course Dad isn’t a K9 he is a 2 legged, but, push comes to shove, Dad is more like a dog than he is a 2 legged. That’s a fact.

He has a big heart for most things – not always for other 2 leggeds – but a bigger heart for animals in general and an enormous heart when it comes to dogs. He must do, otherwise he would never have had so many of us as companions over the years.

However whilst, the pawing’s in this book are mostly mine and through my eyes, and bringing memories from back over the years, they also hold the moments after a pivotal time in my life. An incident of such momentousness, that a book had to be pawed. It was in fact the making of who l am today. Dad is my co-editor, so on occasion there will be footnotes from him equally as much from Mummy, but together we can finally tell the story, and retrace the journeys of us, the last pack members.

At times, it can be read as a strange story, one that may make 2 leggeds especially ask themselves some very deep and thoughtful questions. But in most cases, many will probably come back with the answers that l know to be true, that there is more to companionship at times than is normally talked of.

Some stories just have to start at the end, the deep end … and then you doggy paddle to where you find a safe spot and start afresh …

This is my story, my journey – the story of my pack, and how l have come to be the dog l am today.

Scrappy Doodlepip

March 26th 2018

The Last Pack Member

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