4 Paws Diary – Ep 7


 Episode 7

4 Paws Diary

22nd March – 5th April

Hey Gang …

The Purpose of the Point!

I hope this finds you all well, and my apologies for this episode coming to you late once more, however with no Kompootah of my own, l have come to accept that this is how life is going to be! But two weeks is l think a goodly period for an update on things, so will probably accept that as the norm.

First off, my thanks to those enjoyed the first chapter on my book and took the time to comment. It was hard bit of pawing in truth.

Last Sunday, Dad and l watched a movie together, whilst Mummy was out, and whilst l enjoyed it, it made Dad quite sad, and there were quite a few times when little bits of water came out of his eyes. I did wonder if perhaps we should have watched it as it was going to be a bit of a weepy, albeit in a nice way, and also, was it too soon for Dad to be watching this kind of thing so soon after the first chapter was pawed out. After all, it was he who acted as my editor, so the pawing was going to affect him a little anyway.

The film in question was A Dog’s Purpose which is a really lovely film if you get the chance to sit down and watch it. But word of advice be careful, and don’t watch it if you are feeling sad.

What a period of time we find ourselves in, if l say so myself!

Mummy and Dad have taken to washing my paws every time l come back from a walk, they say it is because of something called Alabama Foot Rot, or just Alabama Rot. Despite them telling me all about it, l still don’t make it easy for them to wash my paws. I don’t mind walking in puddles, but distinctly dislike having my paws washed! However, l do understand why they are taking these precautions, l am old K9, l am wobbly on my legs and whilst l don’t walk in lots of mud, l still do walk in some, and would really like to stay around for as long as possible. I fully understand what Dora meant when she expressed that very same concern all those years ago.

I think for me, l would just like the opportunity to go to sleep one night and just not wake up the next day. Mummy and Dad could say goodnight to me, l would know l was loved and l would be with my Dad anyway, but that’s how l would like to go. Not falling ill with some horrible disease and have that choice taken away from me.

Plus l still have the legacy to think of and the pact, currently l have no one to pass it onto!?

So K9’s if your 2 leggeds are washing your feet and legs because of this ROT, let them do it! It is for our own good, but if you wish to be a little mischievous about it, that’s fine. But don’t not let them do it, ok?

The newspapers are becoming quite a hobby for me these days. I can read them in bed, on the floor, any time of the day l so choose to, and l am becoming quite addicted to it. I am discovering lots of little snippets and articles that l can write about.

The weather here has only in the last couple of says started to brighten up, so there have been no new adventures, which means shorter walks. But also, l know it, l am getting older and l feel it. Mummy calls me Limpy, whilst Dad calls me Hopalong, and l can’t be angry with them, because l feel more stiff these days. So in truth when it’s wet or snowy l am not that bothered about longer walks. But it does leave me with more time to read the papers!

This week especially there have been all sorts of exciting stories and some sad ones too.

You may recall, that Dad and l support companionship of K9’s, we love to hear about service K9’s and disability and assistance K9’s, because the work they do is really important to help their 2 leggeds! So l feel sure you can imagine how sad l felt when l read the story of Kika the Guide dog and her 2 legged companion Amit Patel! He is blind, which is why he has Kika in the first place and he was on a train requesting a seat to sit down, and no one, not one other 2 legged offered him a seat? They trod on Kika’s tail, and she slid around and was unable to help her 2 legged! This is very bad news indeed, and made me upset and very angry!

Why are so many 2 leggeds completely ignorant and oblivious to the absolute importance of disability and assistance K9’s and their charges??


Burning questions indeed!

On a few brighter notes…

I read of Seb the Shiba inu who smiles all the time, and is actually being hailed as the smiliest K9 in Britain! How lovely for his owners, Dad has to be quick on feet with his clickitty if he wants to catch me smiling, l assure you!

I also read of the infamous Gucci Poochie, which l was a little startled at admittedly considering how not long back the Tattler was saying ‘Pooch’ as a term was frowned upon in certain circles? And yet, headlines as big as my eyes were boldly displaying the term?? A five year old Afghan Hound called Iraida is the hot on the press, gliding down the catwalk and is ‘ooh la la’ of the fashion glitzy crowd!

Well she certainly knows how to flaunt it!

Dad and Mummy were somewhat dismayed at the price hike in pet insurance and my yearly bill for an old K9 has gone up my a staggering £100+ a year which is quite a blow. But l did read that some dog breeds are costing their 2 leggeds as much as £200 per annum extra, so they should be very pleased l am not Iraida!!!

Plus l also read about the English village that has not had post in six months because of a K9 German Shepherd named Serj who jumped at a postie in excitement and playfully nipped her, and now the Post Office is refusing to deliver mail to the street?? That seems a bit extreme?

I used to playfully nip knees in my puppy days and we always received mail?

According to the Royal Mail, last year alone in 2017 there were nearly 2500 dog attacks on posties! Maybe they should stop wearing shorts?

Who knows, admittedly l never bit a postie, l don’t know what they taste like!

Anyway, time for some more sleep l feel.. Thanks for reading everyone, will catch up with you all again soon, when l have more excitement to tell you! Until then have a great few days, couple of weeks!!




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