The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 2018 2




1. Thank the person who nominated you for a blog post and links back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4. Display the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

My Thanks

This is my second nomination for the Sunshine Blogger’s Award and my hearty thanks go with an Irish procrastinator l happen to know, who in retrospect isn’t really a procrastinator at all – l feel it is just a ruse and not just a –musing – although their sense of humour is somewhat quirky and that wins brownie points with me all the time. Like Gordon Gekko suggested in Wall Street in 1987 “Quirky is good!”

What? Greed? No, no, he said ‘Quirky … at least that is how l interpreted it anyhoo! It matters not, the point being made is thus – Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator is an excellent blog to pay homage to for fun and frolics, can l say that? Frolics? Is that too over the water?

Doesn’t matter l have said it now, yes l know l could have deleted it, but l didn’t want to – so frolics, adventures and short stories from a Faffer! Go on, go on, go on you know want to pay a visit.

But seriously, my genuine thanks for the nomination 

This Award is given to those who inspire others, are creative and send out rays of positivity – l am guessing that is where the sunshine aspect falls into place.


11 Questions Answered

1. What’s your favourite animal and why?


[This is not Wilma, this is Pixabay]

Hard choices in truth, as l has a genuine love of many species, and have had the privilege of working with many species … Ok, l will pick the North American porcupine. Despite appearances l owned a female named Wilma in 2007 – 2010. She was smart and witty, yes they do have a wit. The picture is NOT Wilma., they actually possess one of the gentlest natures l have ever witnessed. 

2. If you had to be a character in any book who would you be?

Golly, in truth this is an exceptionally hard question to answer .. made easier perhaps however by the inclusion of “If you HAD to be?” Further suggesting l have no choice. Also more aid in so far as the use of the word ‘Character’, so l choose as my answer … l would choose to be the very last full stop in the book.

3. What habit would you like to kick?



I have way too many bad habits to kick, way too many to list!!

4. What would you like to achieve before the year is out?


Where about is the year exactly going? Is this a question of time to plan and make preparations? Will the Year be gone long? Is it out on a specific date … ?

5. If you could live in any known fictional land (for example Wonderland or Narnia) where would you live?


Quite possibly with the Jam and Going Underground ….


6. What uplifting thought or quote you do you live your life by?

“Blimey, l am still here? Oh well best get up …”

7. Share one thing that makes you really happy.

Can l actually write that here.. ?

8. Share something you’re proud of.

The fact that l am still here on planet earth, alive and breathing … count for anything?

9. Do you have any unusual party tricks?

I can tell funny stories to people who l have never met.

10. Who’s your favourite band?

Quite partial to The Elastics.

11. If you could fly or be invisible which would you choose?

Invisible … no l am not telling, but l have a truly wicked and mischievously deviant mind … Mawahahaha ooher Matron!

 Bloggers Nominated


…. and the Nom Nom Knees are …

Sapphire Wilson

Bitchin’ In the Kitchen


The Artist’s Child


Timeless Classics

Bipolar Barb

Beckies Mental Mess


My 11 Questions



1] Do you like to dance?
2] Does the colour blue confuse a colour blind ant?
3] Is the truth really out there?
4] Does farting burn calories?
5] Why did 6 cry?
6] Why are we here.. No, l mean really, why?
7] Do worms have eyes?
8] If you were in China, and you had £20 in the back pocket, $23 in the right pocket and 119 Euros in the left pocket, how much would you have if they were not your trousers?
9] Why the skin of your teeth and how can fleshy teeth actually bite the bullet?
10] What happens if Bob isn’t your Uncle?
11] Does Minnie get upset, when people take the Mickey?


Once again my thanks for the Nomination to The Irish Procrastinator

If you see this nomination before l have contacted you, please rest assured l will contact you very shortly.

Ps: …



Of my nominees l would ask a burning question … would you consider participating in the Truly Inspired series? Obviously this is not relevant to those who have already completed the questionnaire. But it would be great if some of you who haven’t completed the questionnaire would consider it.

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