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1000 Words Worth

This is St Petroc’s church in Trevalga, just outside Boscastle in Cornwall, where l holidayed in December 2014 for Christmas. My partner Suze, and Scrappy and myself had walked to it from Boscastle one wet and windy day, a very grey day indeed. The graveyard was huge in comparison to the smaller building’s interior. It is indeed a community church for the village itself. I have no interior photos as l didn’t have my flash with me and it was incredibly dark and almost spooky inside there that cold, cold day!



There were stairs leading up to it, although they were not the original ones.

Bloggers’ Thoughts.


Memoirs of a Loving Mom

“This image says to me that love once filled the air. Many who were lost were gently placed with care. The lengthy writings on the stones make me more aware. I can’t make out the words but my sight senses the mourning and despair.”


Jeanne – Borderline Crossing

“We strive for simplicity while time wears away memory.”


Java jabber – Time Has No Meaning

“I see a past vision flash back, pretty green grass unmarked by anything but flowers and I see people above each marker in a time that those markets didn’t exist standing outside an old church talking to one another in long dresses and bonnets with horses and men hold the ladies by the arm, children running past in a game of tag and the preacher stands on the steps waving and shaking hands … I see what used to be…
Somehow I imagined steps that aren’t there but *shrugs* maybe they were a long time ago.”


Tracey – Yarn and Pencil

“I live beside a churchyard, I can gaze over it from our kitchen and sitting room windows. Walking over this ground above would be bumpy from centuries of digging and burials. Some of the gravestones will be leaning from where the ground has sunk and settled. It looks lonely but if it is like our churchyard it will have people visiting, tending graves, genealogists searching, walking their dogs, walking through, cycling through, visiting the church, bell ringers practicing…”


An Irish Procrastinator

‘The Irish Procrastinator was so enthused they wrote this beauty …. check it out!

The Graveyard Shift ….


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