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1000 Words Worth

Kat from The Artist’s Child has chosen to share her views on this weeks’ image …

“I can’t write 1,000 words but I can say that this picture to me is the quintessential old style British church with a graveyard that is probably haunted on cold wind swept nights. Some of the graves look ancient while others are more recent. I get the feeling that they belong to people whose families have been there for generations and are part of the history of the place. In Australian country towns the oldest churches are from the colonial period, many in the Gothic Revival style with a similar graveyard that tells the stories of the lives and demise of pioneers who came from far and wide but now belong to this land. We all build on our past.”

Kat, The Artist’s Child

My thanks Kat, for sharing your thoughts on this image. 

How about you? yes YOU reading this post, what does this image say to you? Let me know 🙂

11 thoughts on “1000 Words Worth 1# – The Artist’s Child

  1. This image says to me that love once filled the air. Many who were lost were gently placed with care. The lengthy writings on the stones make me more aware. I can’t make out the words but my sight senses the mourning and despair.

  2. I live beside a churchyard, I can gaze over it from our kitchen and sitting room windows. Walking over this ground above would be bumpy from centuries of digging and burials. Some of the gravestones will be leaning from where the ground has sunk and settled. It looks lonely but if it is like our churchyard it will have people visiting, tending graves, genealogists searching, walking their dogs, walking through, cycling through, visiting the church, bellringers practicing…

  3. I see s past vision flash back, pretty green grass unmarked by anything but flowers and I see people above each marker in a time that those markets didn’t exist standing outside an old church talking to one another in long dresses and bonnets with horses and men hold the ladies by the arm, children running past in a game of tag and the preacher stands on the steps waving and shaking hands … I see what used to be…

  4. Thank you A Guy Called Bloke for posting my piece. Sorry I did not see it earlier but I’ve had other commitments. I just read in your later post that this place is in Cornwall. Some of my ancestors came from there in the 19th century. No wonder the image made me think of history and pioneers.

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