4 Paws Diary – Ep 5


Episode 5

4 Paws Diary

03rd March – 10th March

Hey Gang …


The Merry Little Pack!

I am going to woof to you all today about two main topics that l am quite pleased with..
1] My K9 Interviews are really starting to gain momentum and as of yesterday there was a total of 20!! Yes 20! Who would have thought that possible? Plus l have another two to add in today, with potentially another three this week! Which in my dog calculations would bring me up to 25!! Which is currently where Dad’s Truly Inspired series currently resides and if that happened, well THAT would really be something!!!

So first and foremost, l thought l would display here a quick glance directory of all the marvellously funny and informative journeys and small K9 stories we have here:

Mine, Sandy & Oscar, Bertie, Fluke, Dizzy Rascal, Buddy, Amber, Charlotte, Laddie, Harry, Teddy Ruffavelt, Ippi, Bentley, Trevor Le Woof, Archie, Moxy, Jasper, Ruger, Freddie Fredster, Jess Bonkers and today l will be adding both Jeffrey and Cedar to our merry little pack!

So you can see l think that l have excellent reasons to feel very pleased!

Each interview is really pawsome, so pop into each one and read all the wagging tails!

I did say there were two main topics, and this is true. Dad has a free newspaper delivered to him everyday by his good mate Dodger, he is my mate as well as he is walking buddy for Dad and l am Dad’s walking buddy when Mummy isn’t available. So we are a walking trio. Dad reads the newspaper and cuts bit out of it for ideas of some of his own blog posts, when he gets the time, because he is just so busy at present that he just isn’t able to keep up with everything going on.

I paw my own entries but l still need Dad to exercise his editorial eye over my posts before they go live … anyway, l have taken to reading the newspapers whilst in bed, and also taken to cutting out my own little stories and two met my information hungry eyes this week. One was the story of the Top Dogs in Instagram which was really quite an interesting read, because l know some of the super K9’s l have interviewed use that ‘media’ [Get me] to garner attention for their names. Dad saw the story as well, but said it wouldn’t work with me, because like him, l am more of a writer than a clickitty girl! Not that Dad is a girl, but more to the thing of l don’t like my clickitty’s being taken, and tend to run away every time l see Dad with his clickitty black box! But it was a very interesting read all the same!

It was the other story that really caught my attention and made my ears prick up and that was “Doggy Speak” Boosts bond with your pet!

2] Doggy Speak … the article concentrated upon the beguiling feature of parents’ speaking to their K9’s in a very different manner than in comparison to other animals, and this in turn created a stronger bond. Now as l read this, l could in fact understand it totally, and as l have been reading through all the interviews l too have come across this notion of what l shall call Dawg Speak. Two leggeds that have the ability to understand their K9’s more than average and can relate to them in a very specific way.

Now my Dad when he speaks to me, l can tell he loves me, l have been bonded with him since we first met when l was a pup, and l have loved him since. But he talks to me in a form of 2 legged dog talk, in comparison to Mummy who has been in my life for only the last five years, but l have bonded with her more deeply than my current deep bond with Dad. This is l think because of Dawg Speak. Mummy is both a Mother to other 2 leggeds and a Grandmother to her own 2 leggeds 2 leggeds and so l think is more used to speaking to K9’s and small 2 leggeds alike, whereas Dad only has experience of talking to K9’s like me.

So there is a difference.

The article concentrated upon parents who could talk to their K9’s like they would their own small 2 leggeds and this is said to create a much stronger bond, and l don’t think l can contest that. This is not for one minute suggesting that only Mummies can speak like this, l have seen other Moms, Dads, Daddies and so on talk to their dawgs like this also.
Dad speaks to me like a big 4 legged and Mummy speaks to me like a small 2 legged, except when she might be cross with me, then she becomes very gruff, it doesn’t happen often, but then she talks to me like Dad does .. l am suddenly a big 4 legged!
When Mummy speaks in Dawg Speak, her voice is sing song and sweet, and l find myself become all bashful like and as Mummy calls it dough eyed. I am not quite sure why l make her think that l am something that could be baked, but cakes are sweet also aren’t they?

Dad, speaks to me normally, with occasionally a sing song to his voice, but l love Dad for who he is, not who he isn’t.

So, let me know, does your Mummy or Dad or both of your parents speak to you like a normal 4 legged adult K9 or a small 4 legged puppy and do you respond differently to they way they speak to you because of it?

That’s all for now, leave me your comments below.

Hi Paws, waggles, wiggles and Power to the Bark!



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