Blogger’s Delight #5 – Timeless Classics


Blogger’s Delight Series

Ana Daksina from Timeless Classics has again taken up the challenge for the Blogger’s Delight on the 5th set of questions for March.

Will you be next?

You know you want to ….

Are You A Blogger’s Delight? 5#/03 March – 10 march 2018

1] What happens if you get scared to death … twice?

Technically speaking — now, just technically, mind you, and when I say that I am talking about the red zone on the safety dial of the pressure release valve of technicality; so fantastically refined that it barely even brushes the flapping summer shirtsleeves of anything you or I would classify as actual reality, and so of course (the Grander Scheme of Things being what It Is which if nothing else is here clearly multiply capitalized) a territory in which the singlest tiniest so-nearly-completely-theoretical miscalculation will implode, explode, download, upload and motherlode whole entire ginormous realities; but I digress…

Technically analysed, as we say, or were saying before that last paragraph interrupted us — the second scare (according to our presently posited progression) can only occur at a moment in which the ‘scaree‘ (herein distinguishable from the “scarer” via etymological contortions far too numerous and dreary to mention if Bloke Guy wishes to have any readers whomsoever (sic) remaining after the disaster these responses are right now creating of his innocent well intended blog post)…

… At a moment when the scaree indeed enjoyed both the security of being already dead and, simultaneously, a state of bliss well nigh impermeable to the presence of any sucha lower vibration as base screaming, trembling, sweating, pants-wetting, mama hollerin’ fear.

From this observation we may draw two distinct conclusions:

Firstly, that y’all would have to use up so much energy just trying to get that scare anywhere near ‘across’ that you might just stay as well call it done right now and beat it to the local bar to rehearse stories you will tell your boss about it, and,
Second, that it wouldn’t really take much. That second time. If you already were. Dead, I mean. So, um, no big deal either way.


Am I off base here?

2] If all the world is a stage, where exactly do the audience sit?

“On it,” of course. Some of them twirl.

3] What colour does red, blue, green and yellow make when mixed?

Mixed with what?

4] Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

I find infants finickier. When you can say that five times fast I will adumbrate diverse adult adulations in addition.

I find infants finickier

I find infants finickier

I find infants finickier

I find infants finickier

I find infants finickier

5] Can you cry underwater?

Yes, but may you?

6] How is it that super glue doesn’t actually stick to the inside of the bottle??

How do you know it doesn’t? Maybe the whole tiny tube is coated on the inside with a layer of totally encrusted super glue, and it’s the super glue itself the super glue is not sticking to.

Can I ask a question? Isn’t super glue supposed to be capitalized?

7] Why is abbreviated such a long word?

Do you think so? I don’t know if I do. I guess it’s all kind of comparative, you know?

Like, of course in America they agree, they can’t handle the intricacy at all, on top of not being hyphenated or misspelled, I mean, so they say “fer short” fer short.

But meeeee… I just, like, meditate on, like, what if it was

“supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” or “antidisestablishmentarianism,” you know?

I mean, how hard would it be for you to order up an ampersand then, right? So, yea,

I’m real peaceful with “abbreviation.” It’s at, like, a balance, you know?

8] Why do you have to “put your two cents in”. but it’s only a “penny for your thoughts”? Where’s that extra penny going to?

We all really know that, we’re just pretending to look the other way. And you know that.


Whoa, some serious gauntlets thrown down in that last lot eh Ana?

Are you game? Can you answer Ana’s challenge?

Check out the questions here!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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