Blogger Appreciation Award Nomination 3


Blogger Appreciation Award 2018 Nomination 3

My thanks go to my friend Kat of Family Furore for her nomination of The Tee Shirt Blogger for this award. She humbles me with her comments of appreciation for this blog, and upon reading did happen to take a glance around my den here to see if there was someone else in the room!

Kat writes a wonderfully heartfelt blog of her travels and journey with her daughter Jessie who suffers with anxiety, PTSD and Bipolar as not just her Mother and carer, but equally and perhaps more importantly and significantly as her friend. Her story is written through her own eyes, her interpretation, her struggles and frustrations with the system and shares the disappointments of life’s knocks alongside her daughter.

She writes so that others can relate with her experiences, she writes for her own sanity, her own therapy and so that others hopefully can relate and come to understand that despite the width and breadth of our world, none of us are ever truly alone with our problems. This is a blog of warmth, understanding and friendship, and does welcome all.

We all have mental health, it can be good and bad however some may think, we all have it. Anxiety, depression and stress don’t just walk hand in hand anymore, our societies move too fast, now mental health problems run alongside us at speed.

Family Furore is the blog, that is just one part of this story, the other parts are Jessie and Kat, but more so Kat who is a truly genuine and beautiful soul, who likes to laugh, has empathy for at times the whole world and their Grannies and really does enjoy people. Learning about them, coming to understand them and accepting them.

Also, keep a look out for Kats new blog appearing on a horizon near to you soon!

The Rules

♦ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
♦ Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
♦ Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
♦ Use the Blogger Appreciation Award image.

Positive Paragraph

I always struggle horribly with this section, and this may well be one of the biggest stumbling blocks of many nominees – because none of us apart from the vain enjoy promoting ourselves to this degree. It can be humbling enough when someone else is singing my praises as l am not a man who feels at all comfortable with being complimented at best of time.

I am honest, sometimes brutally so, l like life in the black and white which is awkward considering we live in a grey world, l like to laugh and enjoy humour. I love diversity in all it’s glory, but more importantly l like to hear about others’ stories and their accomplishments and l love to acknowledge them for it.

My Nominees

Joseph Beech
Chewing on Glass
The Colour of Madness
Success Inspirers World

My sincere thanks to you all for what you do here!

28 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award Nomination 3

          1. Ps l always answer in a smile, because that is the only emoticon l know how to do on a keyboard next to a frown – l would have given a thumbs up, but alas l don’t know how to do that lol 🙂

          2. Ahh… I don’t know either. I usually write from my phone or tablet. You could start a document and copy and paste them there for later use? What are you looking for besides a thumbs up? 👍 (also, is yellow good? There are several skin tones…
            I’ll just send some of my favorites and let me know if you’re looking for something in particular. 😉

          3. Thank you. I am at times very much the relic when it comes to these things lol! Because l only use a desktop, not that is any excuse, but meaning l only tend to use emoticons when l am on the desktop, as l have a brick phone from the 90’s lol, and not even an tablet.

            My other half is constantly trying to drag me into the 21st century, but l am the one kicking and screaming “Noooooo!!” 🙂

          4. Some are silly and others fun, but I find they can also help keep the tone of a short message intact, which can be a common issue with texting and written conversations. Good luck, my friend!

          5. Oh… that’s just one of my favorite faces to draw. If you copy these into a notepad or very simple word processor it might help show you the actual characters ; and ) together make 😉

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