4 Paws Diary – Ep 4


Episode 4

4 Paws Diary

26th February – 02nd March

Hey Gang …

Just a quickie today folks …

Apparently this threat of snow had a name! The Beast from the East! Mm, l didn’t know it was called a beast, l can perhaps understand why the two leggeds were a little fearful; although Dad and Mummy both said that this ‘Beastie’ was ‘acommin’and it did! It arrived properly in the last couple of days. Turns out it wasn’t some strange animal, but it was the snow, the white stuff. Because when they said it was here, l demanded to be let out into the garden to see what all the fuss was about? I found no beastie in my garden, just a thin layer of the white stuff on the grass, l was a little let down if honest and stood there looking very sternly at them both and simply said “This isn’t snow!”


This isn’t snow Dad!!


“Call me when there is some real snow Dad!! Beast indeed!!”

I actually wanted to use my line from one of my favourite films Crocodile Dundee, but sadly had no comparison to use in response to “This isn’t snow … this is snow!!”


“Slowly, slowly catchee ‘da’ monkey ….”


… see patience is a virtue indeed!”


“Yes Dad, you are close enough with your clickitty box!”

But l was incredibly lucky because yesterday l could proudly say to Dad “This is snow!!”

I let Dad take some clickitty’s of me in the snow or his beastie, but not too many mind, otherwise there is ‘snow’ [ha ha] stopping him! Ice thought that would funny, see l did it again! So Dad managed to capture me a couple of times with his little black box, just enough to keep him on his toes, but not too many so as to invade my privacy, and think he has some undeserved right to click away merrily!

I was reading an article in the paper the other day that said we K9’s have to stand up for our rights and let these 2 leggeds know who is boss. Mummy is always much easier than Dad to convince, who is always so challenging!

On a small side note, my K9 Interviews now number 19, and l have another dawg called Rudy pawing theirs in this weekend, which will mean l will see 20!! Dad’s series is still only on 23, so who knows perhaps l will beat him literally by the end of March as l had targeted!?

Anyway, l will leave you for the time being, and let Dad show you his clickitty’s of me and the Oooh scary Beast from the East!

Hi Paws, waggles, wiggles and Power to the Bark!



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