4 Paws Diary – Ep 3

Episode 3

4 Paws Diary
13th February – 25th February
Hey Gang …

Been a while since l last pawed to you all, almost two weeks in fact, but hey it’s a diary of sorts, not a specific target sheet, so l can afford to relax at times

So what has happened since l last said ‘Hey?’

In truth, not much – it is still as cold as it was two weeks ago, albeit if anything colder, we now have less rain, but more wind, and the ever present threat of snow. I am not sure why they call it a threat, l don’t see it as a threat, but then l am a K9 and not a two legged so maybe they see it as a threat? I would like to have some snow, as l actually like it.


Dad is not that keen, but having said this, it must be an old 2 legged thing, but he is starting to say he would like to see some proper snow like we used to get in Lincolnshire, as it would be nice for his clickitty’s. He is ALWAYS on about his clickitty’s, but if just to make him quiet, l might agree to some clickitty’s in the snow, because l don’t mind him pointing his box at me then.


Lincolnshire 2015


Good ol’ Dora Dog used to love the snow, l must paw about her soon, it is coming up to her fourth anniversary and in some respects mine too, because the day she died, l changed significantly almost profoundly. Dad and l agreed that when l start pawing my Chapters to The Last Pack Member it would be the spooky tail that serves as our introduction and he is right, l have a lot to thank Dora for.


Litter retrieval With Mummy


Last time l pawed l briefly covered an accident Mummy had when out litter picking. When we got back from that particular walk that day, Dad was horrified to find that Mummy had blood running from one of her eyes all the way down her face. She was not in a good mood, and when the ‘thing’ happened that made blood run from her eye, l have to say that even l was startled that Mummy used some of Dad’s colourful language [as he calls it], and some new ones of her own!!

Dad didn’t join us for the walk that day and Mummy and l set off, she had a bag for litter and we were both in a really good mood … were! We had a great walk, and we were on the return leg when Mummy saw a piece of rubbish in the bushes, bent down to pick it up … now on the other end of the lead was me, and as she bent down, l caught the most glorious smell and l moved closer to it, and because l pulled Mummy away, she leaned up again, told me to stand, and then bent down again … in a slightly different position that she was originally and then suddenly the air was filled with colourful language!!?

What had happened was as Mummy bent down again her right eye came into contact with a really sharp and pointy branch!!! Dad said she was very lucky as it cut her right at the corner of her eye near her nose! A little bit more to the right and she would have lost her eye!! She was very lucky indeed is all l can say. I felt guilty, but felt better when 1] Mummy said it wasn’t my fault, but l do need to learn the commands ‘stay and stand’ and 2] l felt better when l blamed Dad because he should have been on the walk!!

She had a big bruise in her eye for most of the week that turned all kinds of pretty colours from red to blue to purple and then yellow, but Mummy said it wasn’t pretty at all! Now Mummy says she is going to get a litter picker when Dad is not with us, which is stranger still because l thought that is what we were all doing and what we are called? But Mummy says it’s a hand on a long stick??

I really don’t know what to make of them both at times, l really don’t!

Last week l was in discomfort, l think l pulled my shoulder, and so Mummy said l should take shorter walks, so as to allow the limp to heal? My shoulder was sore, but l don’t remember any limp needing healing? It’s better now, but Dad thinks it might be a little bit of Half Ritus and l am not too sure what or who that is, but Dad obviously does, because every time he said it, he shook his head in that very meaningful Dad way! He thinks it makes him look super-duper smart! Best leave him to it l say and if it pleases him to shake his head when saying Half Ritus who am l to disagree?

Also, in the last few weeks, l have felt extremely tired, l seem to be sleeping more and more, and again Mr Head Half Ritus shaker says it is all part and parcel of old lady dog syndrome. Backs to this OLDS thing again!! He is a fine one to talk, he is old as well, but then again Dad doesn’t need much sleep, he can survive on four hours a day!

Four hours!!? That is one of my short naps alone!!!

Kompootah wars are still a big battle in this household, Dad is always on his, Mummy is always on hers, and there doesn’t seem to be any movements in the near future or even on the horizon of me actually having one bought for me yet! So l feel l may have to try and figure out a way of 1] earning some 2 legged money and 2] buying my own!

I mean, how am l expected to paw this diary if l cannot actually get onto one of the Kompootahs in the first place? Dad said it doesn’t matter, as l am always asleep of late, but l have to remind him that l have K9 interviews to attend to as well, as just for the record buddy, my series is on number 17 now, and that is NOT that far behind his Truly Inspired series now numbering 23. 6 is nothing in this dog eat dog world and l am determined to beat him by the end of March!! So if any of you have K9’s pleeeeeeeeeeeease let them fill one out!


“What’s Lumpy and Dumpy about this figure – it is winter Sleek is all!!?”

Recently both my 2 leggeds have been referring to me as ‘Lumpy Dumpy!’ Yes l know, it is somewhat insulting, l am a K9 but l am not a stupid mutt as they obviously think! They said, and to boot so did my vet, that l am getting heavier? I kept on telling them it is my winter coat, but they all just turned and looked at me with raised eyebrows and MORE Shaky heads! Despite my insistence that it was, and l just had more fur on my body, my 2 leggeds have been instructed to restrict my eating habits!

I wasn’t really eating more than usual in truth, but with my shoulder and my sleeping more, l am not really walking as much as l used to, so l guess my food intake sits for too long. But at weigh in, my vet says l am 27kg which l think is a cosy weight, but then says l need to be 25kg, so l must lose 2 kg somewhere!

I keep thinking to myself, how am l to actually lose them when l can’t see where they are?

Recently Mummy and Dad have started feeding me some yummy bits of raw meat, and there is talk of perhaps maybe of introducing me to the BARF diet? That just sounds wrong, l mean why eat something only to barf it up again???

Time will tell, it always does. Roll on summer, so l can show these two crannies that it is my coat and l am not a Lumpy dumpy!

Lumpy dumpy indeed!!

Anyway, enough.

I will catch you next week [Maybe/perhaps or even a few days after that] with the latest from my 4Paws diary!!

Hi Paws, waggles, wiggles and Power to the Bark!


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