The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 2018


The quirky and eccentric Ana Daksina from Timeless Classics nominated A Guy Called Bloke Blog for The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018 last week, and me, myself and l in true equally as strange, bizarre and offbeat Bohemian fashion wish to express my sincere thanks to her for doing so.

Ps: Have used numerous Sunshine Blogger Award images here, just in case Ana you would like one for your own personal use …. my OCD made me do it!!

Rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award …

The award is similar to other awards in so far it is created by bloggers for bloggers to celebrate the community of blogging. A to Blog or not to blog kind of thing, or is it ceremony?

Once nominated you are to answer the nominators 11 questions and create 11 questions of your own and, and, and yes and further nominate another 11 bloggers who you find inspirational.

Also, as is the usual, a thank you to the nominator and a link back to their Blog.

Not quite sure what the deal is with 11, why not 7, or as it is 2018, why not 18? Why 11? Is there some secret with 11 or is there a secret Masonic or even Buff symbolic meaning to 11? Is it something to do with crop circles and why are there no crop squares, or can we only have square crops? Does this equate to 11?

If you are not familiar with Timeless Classics, Ana writes and creates poetry and l like her zany and alternative outlook in her passion. Raw, direct and oft powerful creations direct from the mind and released into the hands to conjure pure expression. Don’t believe me? Check her blog out. She is also a writer for Success Inspirers World.

Right that’s all the glitzy bit over with Ana, cheque in the post as agreed, ok? [At least that will pay for the stress [mine ha ha] of the disappearance of the sinkhole poodle!]


My answers to Ana’s 11 questions:

1) Please share your least formative early life experience.

“Mm, plastic green train, Australia, shorts, angry shop keeper, upset Mother, policeman!”

2) When it comes to greasy food wrappers, what is your most erotic fantasy? Please be honest with your readers, here. This is a safe opportunity — okay, this is an opportunity — to therapeutically air your vulnerabilities. Also a wonderful exercise in risk taking!

“In truth this is not so hard to address, at my own concession, l have a fondness for the unusual in practice or is it just unusual practices? Greasy food wrappers may need a tad more clarification, how greasy and what food? Maybe, if l could have a skin type outfit made from these wrappers l could better address the question?

But, are we to compare it to a sunn… no, sorry wrong answer. Are we to compare it to a sensual lotion, or a baby oil, or maybe a kind of lube or jelly that is fit for anointment, and is the paper just greasy or grease proof?

3) Why, in your opinion, do they call this the “Sunshine” award?

Another excellent question, ok you got me, why? Oh right, that was a question to me … okay, l will have a stab at it then. They were thinking of tomatoes and baguettes when they created it? Or, quite possibly and maybe slightly closer to the bone … because Sunshine is considered ‘inspirational?’ The latter is obviously just a wild guess.

4) For you, is the lass half preppy or half trull?

Admittedly l had to Google ‘trull’, rather foolishly thinking it meant similar to that of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings’ ogre or troll. Alas earwax! Twas wrong, it means prostitute, so is the girl half preppy or half trull? Not sure, but it may be to do with her price list. Mm, reminds me of a poem l have for that very thing, sorry, not the time or the place, but it does make me wonder if l should post that next week?

5) Why do you think they’re asking us for eleven questions, instead of ten or eleventynineteen?

Well Ana that is the $73417 question isn’t it? Again l had to Google it; my OCD wouldn’t let it go …

“What is the significance of the number 11?

By Hans Decoz. Positive Characteristics: A Master number, the 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal. The 11 is the number associated with faith and psychics.”

Do you think the original blogger who created this award was thinking of this? [By the way this is my question 9]

6) Aren’t these the stoopitest eleven questions you ever, ever saw?

Not really, l am hoping to out do you shortly, then you can ask that question.

7) Seriously, though, would you rather this was a multiple-choice interview?

You mean more like a poll? Or an interview, should l have worn a tie?

8) You are in a nineteenth century bordello, when someone walks up to you and says:

“What are you doing here?” What do you answer?

Admittedly l thought a bordello was a brothel, so are you asking if l was a 19th century brothel? If so, let me see, l will try to get into character of being a 19th century brothel.

“What are you doing here?” I guess l would have to answer, “Is that what l should be asking you, as l am here for the spread?”

9) Name three things that make you go, “Whaa…?”

1] Whaa?

2] Da

3] Fountain.

Did you get it har har!

10) When it comes to toilet paper, do you prefer the non-skid reversible?

Golly, that’s quite the slippy sucker of a question!? Will have to throw an abstract answer into the windy ravine here, but does anyone?

11) WHAT is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

“Tis but a scratch!!”


My 11 Questions to my nominees are?


1] Can you guess the answer to my 15th question yet?

9] My response to the nominator’s question 5, what do you think is the answer?

2] Have you ever tried sneezing with your eyes open? Why not?

5] If we own a piece of land at what point do we not own it?

7] Why if the world is a round ball and where ever you go the world is flat, who lives on the curve?

3] What is a male Ladybug called?

6] If the world wasn’t round or even flat, what would it be?

8] When is a door not a door?

4] This is the bonus question? I know, right?

11] If the 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why does it have locks on the door?

10] Is French kissing in France just called kissing?


My 11 Nominated Blogs are …

Family Furore

Heather Tasker

What’s Inside a Madman’s Hat?

Learn Fun Facts

Mercury Twin

Sara in LalaLand

Java Jabber

Author’s Canvas

Alan Stenson

A Girl with an Adventurous Fork

You, yes you too … as in yes you the reader, l nominated you too!


A final note … apart from the well done and bading everyone good luck in their nominations is this …Ps: How many of you completed my Truly Inspired questionnaire? If not, love to hear from you.


15 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 2018

  1. Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

    Here are my answers.

    1) “42
    9) Who knows. But I guess that he or she was thinking about asking ten and two halves questions.
    2) Yeah, just to prove my teacher wrong.
    5) When the government says so.
    7) The curvivores
    3) Gentlebug of course
    6) Rhombicosidodecahedron
    8) When I destroy it with a jackhammer.
    4) No, I don’t know.
    11) Here’s an interesting trivia. You can find 7-11s here in Hong Kong inside shopping malls that close at midnight. That defeats the purpose of a 7-11 I know, but whatever floats their boat I suppose… Also, most 7- 11s here dont have locks on the door. Heck many of them dont even have doors.
    10) Is a German Shephered only a shepherd in Germany? Is the American Dream only a dream in America? There are many questions to ponder…

  2. Congratulations Rory! Thank you so much for the nomination too 🙂 You are keeping my site active lol!
    I don’t have a great response with those I nominate, so might leave that part out this time 🙂

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