Blogger’s Delight #4 – Timeless Classics


Ana Daksina from Timeless Classics has again taken up the challenge for the Blogger’s Delight on the 4th set of questions for February. 

Will you be next?

You know you want to ….

Are You A Blogger’s Delight? 4#/23 February – 02 March 2018

1] What is a picture of a thousand words actually worth?

That would depend… If they were pearls of wisdom, their value would decline after having been cast before swine — and if they weren’t picked up promptly they would then become pearls cast from swine, in which event their value drops sharply!

2] If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don’t they fall through the floor?

They do — but slowly and spookily.

3] Odd or even socks? Why?


Because everything about me is, of course, silly!

4] If a baby’s leg pops out at 11:59PM but his head doesn’t come out until 12:01 am, which day was he born?

If a leg pops out first, the baby’s breech. The doctor will likely order a Caesarean, in which case they’ll actually have to draw the outed leg back in and through, resulting in legal time of whole body birth considerably later than 12:01 on the second of the two days.

Am I confusing you?

5] Why is it that when we “skate on thin ice”, we can “get into hot water”?

When I skate on thin ice it’s to get out of hot water, not into it — but in either case, I would venture to imagine that the near presence of sufficient hot water to hold a human (wait, you are one, right?) might have a thinning effect on the ice… Just a thought.

6] If grass wasn’t green what colour would it be?

That would really depend on whether you’d eaten mushrooms in your breakfast that morning, or had your eggs just plain.

7] How can something be “new” and “improved”? if it’s new, what was it improving on?

I’m not surprised this confuses you — it did me, too, for a long time. Now that I’ve vibrationally ascended sufficiently to understand it I’ll have to look for some other excuse for my confusion. But I digress. Let me see if I can reach down, waaaay dooown from this lofty, um, Isness and explain it to you in lay-man’s terms:

You see, the incorporeal Beingness of the Deva of the New is Divinely assigned to actually escalate the exquisite Ascension of the Improved into manifest dimensionality. That’s why.

All better now?

Good, good.

8] Why does quicksand work slowly?

I’m sooper sorry to have to inform you of this, but I did make a good faith attempt to verify the accuracy of that assertion by tossing my pet poodle into the first sinkhole I happened by… I don’t know if it was the wild gyrations or what but, bro, she sank like a freakin’ stone!

So, um, who told you that stuff was slow — and are you still able to get a hold of them (sic)(sick)?

Also this: Expect an invoice for one pedigreed poodle in your mailbox soon!


Are you game? Check out the questions here!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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