Blogger’s Delight #3 – Timeless Classics


Ana Daksina from Timeless Classics has taken up the challenge for the third set of 8 questions for February 2018

Will you be next?

Are you a Blogger’s Delight #3/ 15 February – 22 February 2018

1] Which fictional character would be really boring to meet in real life?

Any story whatsoever = The Maid

2] What’s is your favourite colour?

For which particular purpose would you prefer? I mean, for lingerie, black is wonderful, but in a birthday cake… Well, you perceive my conundrum!

3] When was the last time you drank alcohol?

I’d rather not rake that whole scene up again, if you please — at least until this hangover’s abated.

4] When was the last time you were stinking drunk and when was your first time?

Okay, o-KAY! Both last night, okay?

5] If you didn’t have your particular blog now, what particular blog would you have?

Right now, I’d have yours — up for prosecution.

6] Television commercials – we love them, we – no we don’t because they are so terrible, is there one for you which is the absolute pits?

All without exception. In fact, all of television is the pits in my book. Not only don’t I own one, you won’t often find me in a room with one if it’s turned on.

7] Are you a tidy or messy person?

The messy find me annoyingly tidy, and the tiny disgustingly messy.

8] What has been your worst employed job to date and what has been your best?

Employed? Job? Wait, let me look those up and get back to you…


Are you game? Check out the questions here!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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