Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 . 19



Luvvie Romantic Quiz Prompts

It’s the eighteenth century, and your sailor sweetheart has just given you what is called a “busk valentine”. What is it?

A kiss
A piece of decorated whale-bone
A song in which the singer vows fidelity
A trinket from a far-off place

It was the 1850s, and Esther Howland was one of the first to mass produce valentines in the United States. For what quality were her valentines known?

Beauty and taste
Only costing a penny
Self-righteous moral tone
Using only local materials

Perhaps Chaucer thought English Februaries could use some cheering up. At any rate, it is he who generally gets the credit for being first to link love and romance with the feast day of St. Valentine. In which poem did he do this?

Anelida and Arcite
The Canterbury Tales
The Legend of Good Women
The Parliament of Fowls


Display three of your best romantic and or quotes on romance, love and life

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