The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination


The Versatile Blogger Award [VBA]

My genuine thanks to Sonia’s Musings for this nomination, my apologies for taking time before l answered – but l am quite pedantic with these nominations so as to serve justice to the nominator equally as much my nominees.

Sonia’s Musings is a blog about her emotional journey through her life, and explores her favourite passions’ these being, books and their reading, films and the reviewing of, food and the eating of, travel and the path of discovery and parenting and of course her sociality. Well worth a visit if not for everything mentioned here already, but perhaps just a pop in to say Hi.


First and foremost the Awards’ formalities …

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank the person who gave you this award. 

Include a link to their blog.

Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The VBA principally is about supporting other bloggers, it’s about community and if nothing else – we can all agree that WordPress is about community, about the freedom to express ourselves through our craft, our skill and our talent.

When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

Honour those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether every day or only now and then.

For me and my interpretation of the term ‘versatility’ it means, diversity and neurodiversity, the ability to adapt to many different levels. I have included how l view this award, so that those l nominate will l hope understand why l have chosen your blog.

Listing 7 Facts about Me:

1] I was privately diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2008, after years of being accused of being a nutter. All it did in many respects was allow me to justify my madness to those who would side glance me! 

2] I was a National Gerbil breeder for ten years and developed 13 strains of colour mutation unknown to the UK.

3] For twelve years l was a professional International exotic livestock broker serving a 5000 private client base globally, from private individuals to large zoos across the world. I dealt with many species of livestock during those years.

4] I was savagely attacked by my male raccoon in 2004, which tore my tendons out of my forearms and nearly ripped my thumbs off my hands. The result of severe tendon damage is that my right hand specifically was so damaged that l have an involuntary twitch and shake and can no longer draw as l was once able. All my ‘drawing’ designs for the Tee Shirts were conceptualised by me in intricate detail, but l had to have an artist friend of mine actually draw them. My hand writing which was already quite bad to begin with is now completely illegible and l can only use a keyboard.

Tendon damage normally takes between 8-12 years to heal pending the injury, mine was so bad, l was told l would never have the strength again in my elbow to my wrist on either arm which makes me look at times like a bit of a wussy!

Despite that there is humour to be had, and l shall write about that very soon in One Too Many Racoons

5] I am horribly accident prone, so much so that l have been classed as a walking tornado, and in my previous business l was known as the ‘Accidental Doolittle.Because l have had more run ins, and mishaps with animals than most would ever believe and still somehow survive.

6] Have suffered with chronic insomnia since l turned 12. It has eased as l have got older, but during my twenties it was not uncommon for me to be awake for several months at a time. These days l am more of a night owl and survive on about 4 hours of sleep a day.

7] I always land on my feet even after what many might class as ‘That will kill you for sure’ accidents, l have used so far to date 35 of my 9 lives!! LOL!

My Nominations [Play the INTRO Music Here ] Are:

I hopefully have covered a broad spectrum of talent with my nominations, some many of you will know already and some are like me purely novices to the WordPress community. You think crikey, 15 nominations – how many? But l am surrounded by a chest filled with creativity and talent, picking 15 is/was hard.

1] Grumpy Gorman [Anthony Gorman] – Hands in the Garden

I love Anthony’s style with his poetry, and the way he handles his thoughts. There is not one specific poem that l can honestly say l like more than the other as l do thoroughly enjoy reading so much of his works. If you don’t already follow him, honestly check him out

2] Little Fears [Peter Edwards]

Yuffie, Reala, Fuen and many more make for this wicked form of entertainment that l read every day or as often as they are posted. It is an incredibly unique and inspirational way of expression from the artist to the reader/viewer. I feel pretty sure that most of you follow LF anyway – but if you don’t – DO!

3] The Nerdy Lion

For quite possibly some of the best driest humour and wit set against a nerdy backdrop, and for those looking to quench a desire to roar but failing to actually achieve that status and just letting rip, l seriously recommend visiting Leo. He is informative, funny and a realist, and quirky too. He writes of writing and of anxiety, and blogging and in truth what l love most is his remarkable style of whatever he pens – he turns it into a golden thread.

Don’t believe me? Here: 

3000 followers in 6 months! – The Nerdy Lion Edition

Not yet convinced? Try This:

Blogging engagement – and why its not just a one-night stand

4] Neurodivergent Rebel [Christa Holmans]

For the very best in versatility and neurodiversity l do recommend taking a stop by visit to Christa’s blog/vlog. Like me she is on the autism spectrum, and another really down to earth patron of the finer arts of people, society and their how do l say this ‘their myths’ on what is and most assuredly what is not when it comes to Autism. I love what she does, what she stands for and how she does it.

I couldn’t do Neurodivergent Rebel the justice it truly deserves with just my words alone, so here are ‘Some Thoughts’ from her, you be the judge:

Gratitude – the single most important thing anyone can have in their life.

Things I love: Genuine people, animals, writing, making videos, music, photography, art books, reading, learning, and laughing.

I truly believe that as humans, we are custodians of the earth. The meaning of life is leaving the world better than you found it. Our job is to figure out what our proficiencies are.

The world needs more positivity and less judgment. We need better role models and fewer bullies; people who don’t shrink in the face of adversity and stand up for what is right.

5] The Silent Wave [Just Call Me Laina]

I love Laina’s quirky nerdy sense of humour, and all her posts, topics and discussions concerning autism and Asperger’s and first discovered her like Christa on Twitter where l just fell in love with how she wrote about her life, her journey and obviously her story as l can relate so well to her adventures, talking of which, check this out. Totally, totally worth the follow…

She writes unabashedly on her discoveries in life before and after her diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome. In her own words, she shoots from the hip and tells it as it is, and that will always win a huge salutation from me.

Adventures in awkward [autistic poetry]




6] Rough Bandit

For laughs, giggles, jokes and hilarity look no further than this blog …
Straight talking and funny to boot, what more needs to be said? Check it out!

7] Josh Gross – The Jaguar

I have a lot of time for Josh’s blog principally as it concentrates on big issues, just not just cats, but there are big cats as well. If you are a heartfelt follower of the life of our planet, of nature of ecosystems and environment like l am, then Josh will not let you down.

8] Uncertainty Web

Let’s talk about life shall we? There is no need for me to say more about Uncertainty take a visit yourself … however you will not be disappointed!

9] Beckies Mental Mess

A blog dedicated to the finer intricacies of mental health, poetry and life, but also, how to build and develop a more positive outlook despite the negative impact our minds can both have and place on us. Pop along to Beckies blog, she is a bubbly personality and her writing is so very easy to relate to.

10] Yassy

A richly filled blog for poets, writers, readers and other talented artisans of craft.


11] Scribbled Verse [Afzal Moolla]

I love the ‘scribbled verses’ of Afzal – he doesn’t say a lot, he doesn’t need to for his writing says everything. His style captures moments beautifully and they are delivered to the readers mapped out and relatable, even to the novice eye.

12] Timeless Classics [Ana Daksina]

Inspiration, motivation, positivity through verse, quote and poetry – if there is a rhythm to life, you might want to stop by here and check it out. 

13] The Non Alcoholic Student

A recent discovery for me, but already l am not disappointed. I cannot relate to university life, but l do remember my college days with a genuine fondness, l remember the discovery of just … so … much! Plus the intro here includes a Curly Wurly – who does that? That’s is worth a lot in my books already!

My last two entries are from two Truly Inspired Interviews.

14] Borderline Crossing [Jeanne]

You may recall Truly Inspired 18#  where Jeanne wrote about her writing and her journey and of course her story. I find her keenness to express herself so openly and honestly really inspiring and raw.

15] Just Sayins [Victoria Healing]

Truly Inspired 17#Again a site l find myself able to relax into and relate so very easily to, refreshingly direct and honest and that’s what l love about Victoria’s writing.


My congratulations to all nominees.


17 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

    1. Raccoons can be deadly when they decide to let rip. Wild racks tend to try and disable their attackers, so by flawing me with my arms, Batfink thought this was probably the way to go.

      I will write about it soon, as said despite the terribleness of it all, there was quite a bit of humour to be had, albeit not then, not at the time 🙂

  1. Thank you Rory. i am more of an open book than ever. Sometimes not so comfortably. i push the edge. i am raw. No need for me to apologize. i am. And that is due to surviving! Thank you ☺️ 💙🕊

    1. I sound like a broken record l feel with the amount of times l say ‘My pleasure’ back to people Jeanne, but seriously my absolute pleasure 🙂

      One survivor to another, l totally understand, but life gets better 🙂

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