4 Paws Diary Episode 2


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4 Paws Diary Entry 2

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11 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary Episode 2

    1. Doodlepip has an indirect connection to Australia in so far as ‘breed’ she is an Australian sheep dog cross with Staffy, better known as Kelpie cross 🙂

      1. I thought she looked like a kelpie. They are such great dogs… I was only referring to “doodle” meaning penis here lol
        Still a super cute name… 😙

        1. Oh ha ha. Her full name is Scrappy Doo …dlepip. The nickname is the extension of Doo. She was named after Scooby Doo’s cousin Scrappy as when she was young she was quite the little impish miscreant, always into things she shouldn’t be and she was quite the scrapper.

          She adopted me first and then we adopted each other. She was the most adorable puppy l think l had ever seen, and l have seen a few, but sadly people always assumed the worst of her intentions when all she wanted was to be loved and sought companionship.

          Penis, indeed now l see what you mean, ha ha 🙂

          1. Naawww my goodness! So cute!
            Kelpies get into everything. They are terribly smart.
            My girl’s name was Spazzy McSpazzington … Spaz for short. Sounds mean now that I say it, but it was all in love. She was such a great friend.
            She used to be able to open the fridge. So I would get home and she would have eaten the butter and the cheese and the tomatoes. Nothing else… always those three things.

            It is an honour to be adopted by an animal. You seem like a good daddy.

            Lol… yes doodle means penis here…


          2. Oh yes their intelligence is remarkable – she is a very smart cookie indeed. I was reading an article the other day and is rumoured that most dogs have the average intelligence of a 2 year old. I thought a 2 year old what exactly?

            Because they haven’t met my Doodlepip, she is smarter than the average 2 year old.

            Scrappy can knock the sixpence off most things in the smarts department. Even now as she is aging [14 last November] and if anything she is just getting smarter by the day.

            We have to keep her occupied because she gets bored so easily, the countless toys we have bought her and within a couple of days she has them cracked literally. Her latest was a toy for Christmas where had to figure out how to open a tightly closed tin that held her treats, and within the first day or so after receiving it she already had it sussed … ‘roll three times to the left, one complete roll, one pick up and drop, another roll, pick up by the teeth, roll again, and tada lid opens! She must’ve been a safe cracker in a pervious life.

            As a breed they are adaptable and constantly evolving on that adaptability.

            Spazz is a great name, as it is a good solid description of how they can be at times, completely manic. And don’t even start me on how very vocal she is, good grief, she just talks, and talks!

            Doodle as in ‘here’, is that Australia?

          3. Hahaha “2 year old what exactly?” Lol

            Yes they are SO smart!

            Naaw she still has a few good years left in her. It is always sad when our fur kids get to double digits…

            My spazy girl did not make it that old…

            Lol that is so kelpie! That toy sounds crazy… lol safe cracker … probably

            My spaz girl used to hate my other dog so she would ram the fence until it broke and then she would push the other dog out … she was devious. She was the best dog…

            Yep… I’m Aussie. Kangaroos. Wallabies. Beer. This is a knife… all that jazz 👐🦐

          4. My Sister is Australian, born in Sydney 1968. I lived there for ten years of my life whilst my Father proved himself of worth to the forces .. this is a knife, l have always loved that line! Good ol’ Croc the Occa! 🙂

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