4 Paws Diary – Ep 2


Episode 2

4 Paws Diary

5th February – 12th February

Hey Gang…

Burrpawlimey it’s been a cold week indeed, and even know l am pawing this to you today about the last seven days, it is still no warmer today which is the start to the next seven days! We have had absolutely terrible weather this last week.

Admittedly it makes me laugh a little … Dad goes on and on, he is like a broken record at times about how where we are is in the microclimate part of Kent and that we get different weather to other parts of the country or county – he doesn’t get it no matter how hard l try and explain to him – it is IRRELEVANT Dad where we are if you are a thin coated dog like me four legs or not, because cold, wet and windy is still cold wet and windy! Yeah, yeah l know l can self-regulate my heat when l am walking and l am as tough as an old fisherman’s boot, it doesn’t mean l don’t feel the cold! That’s the point l am making!

Our weather l keep telling him is no different to other parts of the county or country who probably say the same thing about their own microclimates! In shorter terms folks, its cold, bitterly cold and still blooming cold, however you wish to interpret that – end result is ITS COLD DAD!

So, if l opt to stay indoors in my nice cosy bed, that just happens to be next to the radiator and wish to stay warm, warmer and warmer still, then that is where l am jolly well staying. I wish l was a bear at this moment in time, because at least l could hibernate, but l am only having to content myself by pretending l am a bear!

So my greeting of burr is to be replaced with a Grrr or would a bear make a Gurr noise?

I have come to the conclusion a diary is really only fun if there is lots and lots to put into it, and when l am pretending to be a bear and hibernating by the side of the radiator, there isn’t much going on, apart from my two walks, my treats, my food and of course my beloved sleep. Combined with the fact that l am always having to battle with Dad to use the desktop Kompootah! It can be a real struggle at times, so l have to learn to do things really quickly in this household if l want to paw something up of my own. But if any of my K9rs have any ideas how l can get Dad away from his beloved Kompootah long enough for me to paw my posts more frequently, then l am all ears – well all two ears at least!

There isn’t much to write up in so far as adventures, because l haven’t been on too many of those with this poor weather, but l have got a fair bit of other stuff to talk about today.

I have had some lovely walks though down to the beach, along the cliffs and we went to see Uncle John last Sunday so that was nice and we went for a really, really, really long walk in the afternoon and it was snowing! Well, trying to snow, more like slowing than snowing , a few specks of sleet, a small splash of snow, and then hey presto it was gone!

Looks like no snow this year, slow or not 🙁

Dad and Mummy are now acting as Village Litter Pickers and l am also included in that, l sniff out the rubbish, well l am not totally doing that, but every bit that is picked up, l sniff first and if it warrants a nice little calling card to mark the occasion, l always have enough pee in me to oblige. A girl just has to keep some back you know? For special occasions, and it is NOT what Mummy says a case of ‘Wringing the lettuce!’ Whatever that means??!

So we pick up litter and help to keep the village clean, all for a good cause l say! Mummy had an accident today which wasn’t very good, but more on that next week!

I am planning on starting my pawbiography very soon, well on the proviso that l can actually get to the Kompootah when l am awake of course and write the Introduction which you may remember me discussing last month to my book.

No fresh K9 Interviews of late although l am waiting for two new ones to come on board soon “Nitro’ from WordPress and Lulu from Australia who currently can’t paw her thoughts just yet due to their being an abundance – what a funny word that is l had to ask Dad why would a bun do that? I said is it like abarndance? Again one asks why it would do that anyway?

Sometimes l think l am turning Asbee like he is!! However, Lulu is currently having to stand guard on her ranch because of all these 2 leggeds bouncing around she did send me a picture though, because l wondered why she had so many 2 leggeds bouncing around her ranch? The picture l think has answered all the questions l had! She only had to say Skippy and l would have got it


I have DM’d in Twitter 12 dogs, but l have received no answers as of yet, so l guess their own 2 leggeds must be hogging up their own Kompootahs as well, think l may have to simply Tweet them direct and ask them. I’ll include a message on my cutest picture and that may encourage them. This is my cutest picture what do you think?


Dad said he would take some more if l allowed him to, but sometimes having that clickitty box in your face all the time is just a little invasive – you know? He says, but you have loads of friends on Twitter and they have some great clickitty’s don’t you want to be like them? Which is a fair question, don’t you think? But l am just not in the mood and when a girl says no, we mean no! So, don’t push it buddy!

I was reading the paper the other day and two stories caught my attention which are lovely reads for my K9rs if they get a moment, which might be pawsible especially if your own 2 leggeds are hogging the Kompootahs from you.

1] The War Over Sam The Fox which was really interesting.

I think more so from my opawnion because l have a lady fox visit my garden here sometimes, and she is quite nice. Next time l see her, l might ask what she thinks.

2] Finding Gobi – Another really lovely tail!

I wonder if l might be able to get hold of Gobi for a K9 Interview?? Mm, that could be interesting, but l wonder if l could get hold of Sam also!?

Anyway, that’s about it for this entry gang, ooh, ooh apart from this little snippet … Dad fell on the ice yesterday, in his own words his feet looked like Fred Flintstone and then he fell on his bottom!!

Oh how l laughed till l howled!!

Anyway, enough.

I will catch you next week with the latest from my 4Paws diary!!

Hi Paws, waggles, wiggles and Power to the Bark!


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