Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 . 11



The Devilish Imp of Mystery!

Of course not everyone is pro-Valentine’s Day – it stands to reason – if you had been stood up at the altar, burned to a crisp by a loved one, made a fool of in love or just naturally grumpy then this period of so called romantic love is filled to the brim with bah humbugging grunts of annoyance!

I get you, panic not, l can relate – oh how l can relate!

So here’s your opportunity, tell us all in a post, tale or story or even a poem, why you just can’t stand Valentine’s Day and all the silly antics of lovers all around the world, acting like lunatics for a mere day – l mean it’s absurd isn’t it? Waste of chocolates, the flowers that end up wilting and dying and being dumped – where’s the love in that?

This can be a funny read, a rant, a cursing or a cussing!

The canvas is blank for you to fill!


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