Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 . 2


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Funniest Dating Profile Creation Challenge!!

This is a simple challenge – create a dating profile – it can be as funny as you should wish it so.

The funnier the better


As an example, below is a dating profile l submitted when on Plenty of Fish in 2009

I believe in the Easter Bunny, good women and all other fantastical creatures!

So what do you want to read here? …

… I am honest, fun, and need a ‘fwriend? ‘ Sure, if that pleases you then there l have said it – however …

I have friends, even special ones like above, no, l am looking for a little something more, fun, frolics and frivolities’, lots of laughs, quirkiness, conversation be it intellectual or downright farcical and adventure and someone who can laugh at themselves equally as much as life around them.

Life is way too short, have you noticed that? One day we are young and carefree and the next we are on an Internet dating site?? Like whoa what the hell happened to the middle … but hey that is more than likely why we are on a dating site anyway, so let’s move on from there and if you want to know what happens in the future, drop me a line.

Did l get any hits?

No of course NOT! I was laughed off the planet!

However, this is all just for fun, so create away!

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