A Thank You



A Thank You

I thank you for all your follows, likes, discussion and comments, and l genuinely appreciate your support for not just A Guy Called Bloke but also for those of you who follow my other two blogs.

On average l read around 500 posts that filter through this blog every week, l try and read everyone that follows me, and where possible comment, and if l cannot do that l press like. I don’t just press ‘dashboard like’, l actually do read your posts, and thoroughly enjoy doing so.

This is a bigger thank you in so far as appreciation for the inspiration l see here every day from my fellow bloggers.

I have a busy few days ahead of me now with the various blogs themselves….

A Guy Called Bloke

A thank you here to Sonia’s Musings for her recent nomination of this blog for the Versatility Award which l shall attend to this weekend.

New posts on the series of: Truly Inspired with Jeanne, and a new episode each of The Grumblies and Blogger’s Delight.

Doodlepip’s Adventures

Scrappy Doodlepip  has a couple of new K9 Interviews to write up, so l will be helping her with those, and she has asked me to ask of my own followers that if you have your own K9’s are you willing for them be Interviewed by her? She is going head to head with my Truly Inspired series, and is quite the determined one l can assure you!

The Tee Shirt Blogger

Hopefully writing up a couple of new posts on various bits and bots with the designs and Green Thinking.

So quite the schedule indeed, never mind the house work, gardening, dog walks and all the other goodies of real life we all know only too well eh?

Have a truly lovely weekend everyone – keep on doing what you do and loving it 🙂




Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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