Mechanical Lip Service


Mechanical Lip Service

Damnations to all the automated systems of this universe,
The new robots of technological progression,
Psychologically created manifestations of service,
Those that are now here to tend to all our questions!

We live in a cruel hard world of commercialism,
A planet that now is run by applications,
Looking to constantly move towards greater realism,
So that we can erase complications!

Our service industries are now totally reliant,
Upon robotical responses from alienating systems,
To avoid actual contact with the client,
And forgetting how to actually communicate with the Kingdom!

I am not that old to remember when l could talk to another,
Human being on the end of the telephone,
Instead of being redirected to Big Brother,
And placed on hold until l am disconnected into the unknown!

Where has the service gone to from these institutions?
The ones that automatically deduct their incomes,
Monthly from our banks as a form of divine retribution,
For services rendered to our homes?

Yet when something goes wrong as the case can be,
In this wizard orientated world of modern revolution,
Where are the people to actually help you or me,
To resolve the problem and meet up with an amicable solution?

We are all just numbers now, cogs in the great machine,
Irrelevant to whether we are right or wrong,
We are part of the conspiracy to make the world only seem,
That everything is running smoothly and lifelong!

Technology now rules the waves,
It is our progression into the future,
But in so doing, gives services the rights to misbehave,
And treats the cogs like losers!

The personal touch of emotionally speaking,
Is now a thing of our historical and forgotten past,
For now we are all victims of mechanical tweaking,
And sadly this lip service is here to last!



Guy or RoboticBloke, Your Choice


5 thoughts on “Mechanical Lip Service

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  1. This new flavor of disservice industry is yet another example of how technology has contributed to the ever-deepening disenfranchisement of the 99%. But I’m not sure how long this mechanical lip service will last. These technological systems we’re so addicted to require large amounts of energy and resources to support, both of which are running out.

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    1. Very true indeed Josh. What a truly lovely word – disenfranchisement – it rolls off the tongue very smoothly indeed. But that aside, that’s exactly right, society is blissfully ignorant or unawares many a time as to just how many resources are required to keep this progression of our running. Hope you are keeping well my friend, and thanks for commenting here today. Rory

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