Blogger’s Delight #1 Family Furore


Blogger’s Delight Series

Kat from Family Furore has taken up the challenge for the first 8 questions of February!

Will You?

Are You a Bloggers Delight #1/ 01 February – 07 February 2018

1] Your Most prized possession – the one you value above everything else?

Definitely my photos! I’d be absolutely devastated to lose them.

2] That film that you can watch over and over and over and yes over again, and never tire of?

‘We Bought A Zoo’ starring Matt Damon is front of mind, although I have a few. Love it, and being based on a true story just warms my heart further!

3] You are hosting a dinner party, you can have four guests from any period in time – who would you have and why?

• Buddha, for his spiritual teachings.

• David Attenborough, because I love him and his work.

• Steven Rose, because he was my best friend and I miss him.

• Jimeoin, because we need humour!

4] The thing, yes that thing – the thing that irks you most about life or people or society, or, or, or?

The thing that irks me most about people is that as a whole we are an untrustworthy, judgemental and destructive lot.

5] If money was unlimited to you, what would you do, how would you live?

I’d get a cleaner in each week. I’d set my daughter up for life. I’d make sure my family and friends are debt free, and I’d donate to charities and research. I’d travel the world. I’d buy real estate. I’d live well but not without humility.

6] Best book you have read in the last ten years, the one you can pick up again and read it like you have never read it before?

I haven’t really read a lot for pleasure in that timeframe – mainly textbooks, reference books and ‘self help’ category books.

7] Would you be late for your own funeral, and if so why?

If I die before my daughter moves out I’d be late for sure! She talks non-stop making it hard to think straight so it takes longer than usual to get everything done and get out the door! Or I’d forget something and have to go back and get it. If I’m living on my own, I’d be early – I’m normally super organised.

8] Best piece of music ever?

The music to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has to be up there!


Are you game? Check out the questions here!


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


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