4 Paws Diary – Ep 1


Episode 1

Hey Gang,

Thought l would try something new, so welcome to 4Paws Diary!

It was Mia, a pawfriend of mine that suggested l start keeping a diary, she is a lovely German Shepherd crossed with Rottweiler and is really funny, and bouncy, and bubbly and … young! Sometimes she is a little too vivacious for me, she is not yet 2, and so still has lots and lots of puppiness to her soul and spirit, she will of course learn to calm herself down … well maybe, l am 14 plus now and whilst l still have the occasional spurt, l am much calmer. But l only really slowed down after the diagnosis of that blessed IVDD, so maybe l shouldn’t be too hard on Mia!

But we were talking outside the post office the other day, and she said ‘Doodlepip girl, you need to keep a diary!’

“A what?” I asked of her, and so she explained what is was. I told her of my blog and she just looked at me like l was a cat or something with a strange expression on her snout, “What’s a blog then?” So l told her, and she then confessed that her 2 legged doesn’t let her anywhere nearly his Kompootah because the accident when she was a younger puppy and chewed through his wires … anyway as Dad would say l have digressed, but now you know why l am starting my 4 Paws diary. I just thought ‘4 paws’ sounded nicer than just ‘diary.

29th January – 4th February

What a week is all l can say. Should l put an ‘!’ there to emphasize it as great or leave it as just a full stop? I think l am right in just having it as a full stop, it certainly wasn’t a great week, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really exciting either.

Mostly it consisted of ‘punishment’ in my eyes, but apparently it was ‘Guard Doggery’ in the eyes of Mummy and Dad! They would say as they left the house for the umpteenth time, that l was to guard the house whilst they were away and that they wouldn’t be away for long, and l was in my ‘Guard Doggery’ post!

“Mind the house Doodlepip, make sure no one comes in.” Which is all well and good, but how am l to stop someone coming in if they want to? Oh sure l can bark, and growl and do the usual ‘Get off my land’ things, but if someone really wanted to come in, am l enough of a deterrent? Not even really sure if l actually want the huge burden of that responsibility – it’s tiring in truth.

When they leave l must pace up and down the corridors, looking stern and cross so as to look ‘gruff’, but after what seems like ages, and ages l get tired and all l want to do is sleep. So l do just that, but l usually’ hear when they arrive home, and if l do, l jump up, and start looking all serious again, so they think that l have been patrolling all the time they were away.

Of course there are the odd occasions when l DON’T hear them return and then they come in, unpack the shopping and then creep up on me and they must just look at me, because somewhere in my mind l have this feeling that something is watching me sleeping and then l wake up and find them looking at me with smiles on their faces and asking if l kept the house secure in their absence?

Which is a truly silly question! If l am the only one in the house next to them, and all the doors are shut and the windows closed, and nothing is missing, have l NOT done my job?
2 leggeds can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

The weather has been absolutely awful here this last week, we have had it all, except what l have wanted – sun. Mummy has been none too impressed either because of her SAD, and l keep telling her, well if it is any consolation, l think Dad and l are pretty sad as well with no sun!

I had rather hoped we might have seen some snow, but that too has been elusive! I don’t like snow more than sun, but l like snow because it isn’t sun – it’s unusual sort of fluffy white stuff, that l used to see when l lived in Lincolnshire with Dad, but not too much here admittedly.

But l have had a couple of decent walks this last week, although l know Dad has been a little put out at the lack of clickitty opportunities due to the miserable weather. Dad describes the weather in a different way, but as l have a younger audience also here on my blog, l shall refrain from using language like his.

I have to be honest and say that l am rather pleased with my K9 Interviews questionnaire series, l am numbering 11 now, and if you include me then that’s 12, but that would be cheating. Dad’s own series Truly Inspired is currently numbering 17, so if l am to overtake him, l must get some wheels to my paws l feel! But l really love pawing up those posts, you learn so much about my fellow K9rs.

An interesting article l saw in the paper the other day about the fact that some magazine was telling me that the word ‘pooch’ is no longer deemed as appropriate K9 language.
What’s wrong with it then l had to ask? Admittedly l don’t use the word pooch a lot, preferring K9, dawg or dog, or even 4 legged, but l don’t see how a non-dog editor magazine can tell me an actual 4 legged pooch, what l should be calling myself or not!!
2 leggeds have seriously got a lot to answer for, only when they start talking K9 and l start walking around on my hind legs have they earned the rights to tell me a DOG, whether pooch is acceptable or not!

Anyway, enough.

I will catch you next week with the latest from my 4Paws diary!!

Hi Paws, waggles, wiggles and Power to the Bark!




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