Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 . 15


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Funniest Dating Profile Creation Challenge!!

This is a simple challenge – create a dating profile – it can be as funny as you should wish it so.

The funnier the better

As an example, below is a dating profile l submitted when on Plenty of Fish in 2009

Has had enough with the dating sites, doesn’t matter what you do, how you word things, women must get inundated with hundreds of views and mails per day, and in so doing, up their real life wants and desires as far as men are concerned. Its a good job l am not a wee soul, because l might start to lose faith in all women lol!

Drop me a line if you think l am wrong!

Did l get any hits?

Yes l did – most women agreed with me???!

However, this is all just for fun, so create away!

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