Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 .17


Love 3

Funniest Dating Profile Creation Challenge!!

This is a simple challenge – create a dating profile – it can be as funny as you should wish it so.

The funnier the better

As an example, below is a dating profile l submitted when on Plenty of Fish in 2009

First off, l am tall, dark, handsome, rich and famous, and own a fleet of sports cars, that only looks for superficial women whom want to have sex within ten minutes of meeting for a coffee!

Did l get any hits?

Well strangely enough – YES!

However, this is all just for fun, so create away!

16 thoughts on “Valentine’s for Luvvies Challenge 2019 .17

        1. Well l certainly hope not, they might string me up! ha ha There are 27 challenges over 9 days, so that meant as you know 27 posts coming up.

          But the posts were back dated to this time last year, so l am wondering if it’s something in your notifications that is alerting you to backdated posts?

          1. I don’t think it can be. I was wondering why so many challenges in one day, and why no one else is reacting to them!

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