Are You A Bloggers’ Delight? 1#



Are You A Bloggers’ Delight – An Open Book?


A lot of magazines do this on a fairly regular basis to celebrities – the question probe. I do it with the Truly Inspired series, although they are not so profoundly deep in their essence, more just a case of to the point concerning one style of a person’s identity which is a WordPress focus on their chosen craft.

But l love asking questions of people, over the years my natural curiosity has been remarked upon as being inappropriate, when again it has purely been too honest for some folks. But l always say to people, if you know how to read, l am like an open book.

If we never asked questions of others we would never know anything, and what is the point of knowing nothing if not anything?

You can answer in the comments section if you wish or just drop me an email and l will post it up for all and sundry to see. []

Thanks for reading.

I will change the questions every week, however for the first week of February – your 8 questions are …


1] Your Most prized possession – the one you value above everything else?

2] That film that you can watch over and over and over and yes over again, and never tire of?

3] You are hosting a dinner party, you can have four guests from any period in time – who would you have and why?

4] The thing, yes that thing – the thing that irks you most about life or people or society, or, or, or?

5] If money was unlimited to you, what would you do, how would you live?

6] Best book you have read in the last ten years, the one you can pick up again and read it like you have never read it before?

7] Would you be late for your own funeral, and if so why?

8] Best piece of music ever?

There we go, your first 8 questions for February.

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


Blogger’s Delight Series


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