Philosophy of the Love Crafting


Philosophy of the Love Crafting

Over the years l have changed, as have you,
Looking for the right lover true,
From when l first started my journey,
A few relationships and a trip to the clergy,
But not to be l guess,
For all ended in one huge mess,
Obviously not meant to be,
Apparent by the presence of tragedy,

Each failed episode in love just leaves me,
A little more weakened and weary,
Tired and sore and terribly cynical,
Looking at other lovers with critical,
Eyes, searching their happiness,
How they make it work? Each caress,
They share will it be their last?
Or is it just me that is miscast?

Where do l go so wrong? Or do l?
Questioning ourselves we must try,
To understand where it is that we slip up,
In life’s’ loving cup?
Before we again can move on to new pastures,
Searching for a new chapter,
How are we to approach with that freshness?
When we feel so emotionally restless,

We become closed off from society,
And as such weaken our chances of variety,
Start to look to the Internet for the answer,
Dating sites pop up, will they serve as the enhancer?
Lord, the pitfalls of the dating site,
Hours on the profile and still not right,
Endeavouring to sell ones soul for viewing,
By unknowns who are actively pursuing,
The same as you, but like you are cynical,
Wanting it to be right, but believe it to be mythical!
And what does one really write,
Concerning themselves to get others to bite?
To be honest and truthful is received,
Like you are, may not be perceived,
In the same light but scorned upon,
By those whom like you look at love with a frown!

End of the day, l guess and straight in the bag,
All we really want at times is a decent shag,
With no strings nor emotions attached,
To vent our frustrations to someone detached,
But even then, mentally astray with that thought,
That too will simply make us further distraught!
Sadly it all comes down to life’s realities,
That as humans we all suffer from frailties!

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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