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My genuine and sincere thanks go to my friend Josh Gross of The Jaguar and its Allies for nominating me for the Blogger Appreciation Award.

Josh, runs a truly fabulous blog, and one which l can totally buy and bite into because of the wonderful content that he offers his readership. He is a man who loves what he does, what he stands for and what he believes in, and that is what l most admire about him – his passion. This comes across to those who follow what he writes about in a beautifully natural way. I have been an avid ‘cat fan’ for many years and like him can appreciate the true fascination he shares for these beautiful species. In years gone by l have had the absolute privilege of working with many large cat species from cheetahs to leopards, and from tigers to lions so can understand his adoration for the jaguar.Β 

Check out his blog, follow his passion and fall in love with the style in which he delivers to you his fascination with conservation and our environment – trust me when l say you WILL not be disappointed.



Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
Use the award image.


Something Positive about myself …

I am an open book with all of my blogs, if you want to see me, then l have always said – just read me for who l am – however, actually sitting down and writing something positive about me, what l do … always hard. I get a kick out of making people smile, or perhaps making their day, or allowing them to be able to relate to something that l have written, or maybe even making them laugh. Are these positive traits without coming across as too pretentious or false, qualities l simply cannot abide with anyone? I hope not, but it is the best l can offer. I am a behind the scenes kind of guy when it comes to this kind of self-gratification rewarding … so without further ado, allow me to move onto the part of this, that l find more rewarding – my nominations for those bloggers that I appreciate their writing, their style and their journeys …

The Nominations

I have said this before, and l will never cease to say it – l am surrounded by way better writers, artists, vloggers, crafters, poets and bloggers than me, so choosing is always hard.Β 

However …

Laina Eartharcher

Grumpy Gorman

Neurodivergent Rebel

A Booknerd Travels

Noellie’s Place

Family Furore

Ives Trendy Topics

Cristian Mihai



My congratulations to all the nominees … and again my thanks to Josh for nominating a Guy Called Bloke.







22 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award Nomination

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m flattered.

    Also, I’m noticing a trend with this award: nearly everyone has found it difficult to write the positive paragraph. I wonder what this might mean, if anything?

    1. I can answer that Josh – it is by far easier to compliment another than to 1] receive a compliment on yourself and 2] be positive on your ability to recognise your strengths. πŸ™‚

      The words of flattery – well, they were simply heartfelt to your writing style and your passion. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations my dear, im so happy for u, and thanks for Nominating me.. I’ll attend to both awards soon.. Im really busy preparing for my birthday which is tomorrow.

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