Liebster Award Nomination


Leibster Award Nomination

I am both flattered and complimented with this nomination for the Liebster Award 2018. It is an award ‘given to bloggers’ by other bloggers and l have been nominated by Dream Walden  So without further ado … my thanks to Dream Walden for her nomination of my blog A Guy Called Bloke for this award.


“Awesomely weird, Blessedly alone” is Dream Walden’s‘ tag and beautifully inspired towards autism is her blog. Her journey forwards since her diagnosis, and her discovery and rediscovery of who she is, where she is supposed to fit into our world and learning to understand the diversity of difference in not just the spectrum but life! I can relate to her writing and observations very well due to my own Aspergers’ Syndrome. Her blog is a real heads up from a unique perspective which is what I really love about it – celebrating differences!


Below are my answers to the questions posed to me by Dream Walden

1] If you have to eat the same food for one whole month, what would it be?

Mm, well in truth despite how it is bad for me, l would eat pizza. I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life and beyond!!

2] If I were to visit your place of residence, where would you recommend to go or eat? Or what is your favourite hangout place?

Where l am living, l have three pubs in quick succession – l love food and have tried them all, however it is the Zetland Arms which is by far and far the best for its food, atmosphere and ambience.

3] Can you describe your 2017 using no more than 5 words?

“2017 – Oh what a year!”

4] [A] Apple pie OR [B] Apple crumble?

Always Apple pie – no waste!

5] Name 3 things that immediately come into your mind when you think of the word, “Happy”.

My partner, my dog and when l am allowed to be totally myself.

6] What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Chocolate mint for the win!!

7] How often do you go to the hairdresser or do you cut your own hair?

Mm, well truth be known l face a continual conundrum with this topic – l hate having my hair cut but l detest long hair on my head! I go once every 6 weeks which baffles me at times why it continues to grow like it does when l have so little of it! Tried cutting my own once, but l lack coordination, and nearly severed my right ear!!

8] [A] Winter OR [B] Summer?

Tricky, l love Autumn, but out of these two – it would have to be Summer.

9] What is the title of the book you are currently reading or the title of the book you last read?

My problem is l read too many at the same time – on average l read between 35 – 70 books a year across a wide range of topics. Currently on the go, are: 1] One hundred ways for a dog to train a human, 2] Wrinklies – Wit & Wisdom, 3] Wrinklies – Joke Book and 4] Grow Your Own HRT [Partner experiencing post-menopause]

10] If you are asked to design a survey to measure autism awareness / knowledge amongst the general population, can you think of one question you would include?

Would society be quick to judge if they knew that practically everyone sat on the spectrum?

11] If you can conduct or participate in a research study on autism, what kind of research study would it be? What do you want to investigate? (e.g. experience of autistics in the workplace, the association between autism and ADHD etc., as broad or as specific or as technical as you like).

I think it would be a comprehensive study into the relationships between so called difference and diversity in the populace of society.


Nominate 5 – 11 Blogs that you feel deserve the award.

The 2018 rules suggest 200 followers or less and for ease l have followed this ruling as best as l can …

This is always difficult for me, because there is just so many fabulous bloggers, writers and creators out there … however … These are my choices, for a whole range of reasons, from the rawness, bluntness and directness of some of the works to the sheer silky beauty of the poetry, to the guides and journeys that are on offer and above everything, the beauty of both diversity and difference – you just gotta love the freedom of a bloggers’ blogging blog you know?


Poetry By Livinia

Harping By A Pixie

Simply Ems’ Blog

Ive’s Trendy Topic

Crazy Writer of 6

Lou Rasmus

Family Furore

Patrick Real Stories


As per the 2018 rulings – create 11 questions for my nominees – 

1] What was the last movie you can recall that actually really made you laugh as in splitting sides kind of movies?

2] The last book you read that made you stop in your tracks and think about life?

3] What is a piece of music that can make you smile and cry inside at the same time?

4] An event in history that changed your perspective on how we live as a society?

5] Frankenstein or Dracula – who would win that fight and why?

6] You only have 5£/$ in your pocket and a homeless person has asked you to spare some change – what do you do? Answer honestly here from your heart – and not what you expect other readers to expect of your answer.

7] Which flower or herb do you find startlingly attractive and why?

8] What is your favourite pastel colour?

9] You have the chance to have a dinner party with five of the Harry Potter characters – who would you invite [Dead or Alive]

10] In a hundred years what will society miss from our todays? 

11] If you had the ability to stop planet earth right now and start afresh – which would mean that you would cease to exist – would you perform the action?

I take this opportunity again to express my sincerest gratitude towards Dream Walden for her nomination of the Liebster’s Award 2018 for A Guy Called Bloke blog.

The Official Rules of the Liebster Award 201

The winning blog wins a prize. Each blog gets one entry. To enter you must:

Link to this blog post in your Liebster Award blog post

Create more questions for your nominees to answer (I’m looking for unique and creative ones)

Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December.





17 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. You got me curious about the books. The Wrinklies and One hundred ways for a dog to train a human? lol sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the kind words!🍕 🐶

    1. You probably know l write for my own dog Scrappy Doodlepip Adventures, l am starting her book this year, and l am looking at this great little book ‘100 ways for a dog to train its human’ by Simon Whaley for inspiration.

      The Wrinklies was a twin set awarded to me this Christmas by my partners’ brother who was having a gentle dig about my age, which is kind of rich coming from him! I am only 54, he is 51, but they are actually quite comical reads – published by Sevenoaks and written by Rosemarie Jarski and Haskins and Whicelow. 🙂

    1. Many thanks for the appreciation, l enjoyed reading all your answers, and l agree also with Dobby as a guest, l think he could make for excellent conversation and perhaps even award other diners about his expertise in ‘cake tossing’.

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