The Blogger’s Christmas Challenge 2018 -30


Advent Calendar Adventures

30th December 2018

My Christmas Story Involves You!

Using only the answers to the questions you yourself have answered here, create a story of your own with those answers on a subject of your choice. It matters not if you have only answered a few of the questions, you create a story with them. Highlight the words in your story.

Santa’s favourite tipple is sherry, so they say. There are two main types of sherry. Name them?

A word for wine that has been spiced and heated. Six letters

What did Brenda Lee love doing to her Christmas tree?

Who did the Carpenters wish a Merry Christmas to in 1970?

Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz teamed up again for a festive TV spin-off of which film?

What was the name of the Grinch’s faithful four-legged friend?

Although she was secretly expecting a necklace, what does the disappointed wife played by Emma Thompson in the film ‘Love Actually’ get from her husband for Christmas?

Which popular Christmas song, originally recorded by Judy Garland, was first heard in the 1944 musical ‘Meet Me In St. Louis’?

US President and staunch conservationist Theodore Roosevelt banned what in the White House?

Which mind boggling and very frustrating device, named after it’s inventor, was one of the best-selling Christmas gifts of 1980?

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